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In 1983 Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird created the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they released these characters to the public in 1984 as a Comic Book.  The Turtles were a huge success through comic book fans, though for those not into the comic scene it was not heard of.  Things could’ve remained this way if Mark Freedman did not get into the picture and go to Playmates Toys for the action figure line.  Playmates Toys loved this story so much that they funded the first five episodes of the original cartoon series.  Making the Toys one of the major backbones behind the Turtles which helped many of us fans learn their story.  I for one am Thankful as they helped and changed the life of so many fans for the better.  Now we can show our support by just clicking a vote a day, and help them get into the National Toy Hall of Fame!

Starting with the first 10 toys of Ninja Turtles bringing us to today where there are hundreds of Ninja Turtles based on at least 8 different series of the Ninja Turtles, with new toy lines popping up all the time for different age groups and type of fans.  We’ve got Action figures, Half Shell Heroes, T-Machines, lair playsets, rides, and so much more as the Ninja Turtles keep growing as a property.  And they’re not going away anytime soon, with Playmates Toys staying there doing what they can to keep providing new and fun items for the fans.  27 years of Ninja Turtles Toys!

For me the first thing that caught my attention of Ninja Turtles was a Michelangelo action figure.  I did not know of the show, the movies were not out yet, the tours were nowhere to be found.  It was the beginning of the TMNT take over their first time around.  And I got to join that ride, after seeing just one toy.  It stood out, it was different, it had cool new weapons and a design that was all it’s own.  I couldn’t help but want to know more, seeing the show less than a week later and staying with them through their ups and downs ever since.  The toys have remained one of my favorite parts of Ninja Turtles.  

And I know I’m not alone here, as I meet fellow TMNT fans.  People looking for their favorite characters.  Others trying to find the hard and rare toys.  People collecting the old and new.  Fans of all ages.  Fans of the cartoons, comics and movies.  All searching for the toys!  How many households did you go to growing up that never had one TMNT toy in it?  They’ve earned their mark in toy history!  As they have gotten #1 Boy Toy, Best selling Toy, and more awards through the years.

TMNT fans it’s time to unite!  Share this news!  Let others know, Ninja Turtles are here to stay and the toys are one of the major things that must be thanked for this!   Share your voices by taking a moment of your day, to vote.  Let the National Toy Hall of Fame know we’re out there and TMNT is your choice! 

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Have you voted?  Is there any other toys on the list that you think deserve this title?  Why?  Which two toys do you think should be let into the National Toy Hall of Fame this year?  Comments and questions are welcomed below!

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