IDW now behind TMNT Comics!

On April 1st, IDW Publishing announced that they have received the rights to publish new Ninja Turtle comics!  The curious thing I find about this is that they’re doing comics based on the ‘original’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as they keep bringing up Eastman and Laird in the press release.  So are their comics going to be based on the original Mirage story line or the original cartoon story line?

If they’re picking up the Mirage story line, then the question is what if Peter Laird decides to start publishing those 18 comics a year that was permitted through the deal?  Could it be, that there’s a slim chance that two adult TMNT comic story lines could be published at the same time for those of us who are fans of the Mirage universe?

As of now, it seems Peter is taking a break from the hay days of the Turtles and there does not seem to be any active movement from him to go forward with a new comic.  So as I mentioned, the chances are very slim.  Just could be a twist on where things may go.

This is an interesting turn of events as we are watching the remake of the TMNT follow the original foot steps from when they were released in 1984.  Nickelodeon is first releasing the comic, then the cartoons and following through with a movie.  This is a twist I was not excepting but can truly respect, as it shows to me that they’re doing their home work in ways to bring the Turtles to the fans, where memories could help the fans enjoy this new beginning all the more so, then a tv series appearing out of the blue.

Though this is not the first time that a repeat of this pattern happened. Back in 2001 Mirage Studios did the same thing with bringing back the Turtles.  First we got Volume 4 of the Mirage Comics, followed up with Playmates releasing toys in late 2002 for a new cartoon series in 2003 and finally we got the 2007 movie.  Though even with the Mirage team behind it, and the great art and story of the 2003 series, it felt as if the series came and disappeared all to fast.  As not all fans were ready to open themselves up to a new version of the Turtles when they wanted the original cartoon back the way it was in the 80’s and 90’s.  Can Nickelodeon over come this obstacle course and become as successful with the Ninja Turtles as they were in the early 1990’s?

IDW has let on that they’re going to do a comic following the original Ninja Turtles. For us old school fans, I’m sure down the road we’ll see a comic for the CGI series for the new fans that Nickelodeon will pick up and IDW has also let on that they are releasing new graphic novels of the old Ninja Turtle Comics going back to the 1980’s.  This is all very exciting to see so much effort going in and that we’ll be seeing new Ninja Turtle stuff this year on the market instead of waiting till Fall 2012 for the cartoon.  What away to keep the hype alive for us fans!

Now that we know a company has the Turtles that wants to keep the old TMNT stuff alive, a few questions have come to my mind.  They show interest in the Mirage TMNT Comics, though what of the Archie TMNT Comics?  Will they release those as Graphic Novels as well?  And are there any chances that IDW will hear the cries of all the fans out here that want to see the Archie TMNT story lines “The Forever War” released, something that Mirage was originally going to release till the buyout happened in 2009.  I personally hope that they’re willing to work with some of the original TMNT artist such as Michael Dooney, Jim Lawson, Dan Berger, Ryan Brown, and Chris Allen.  Of course we can not forget any of the TMNT writers, as well. Steve Murphy would be a treasure to see back in the credits of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Of course, these are hopes with no backing behind them.  Just seeing a comic book company back in play with the series, who wants to answer the “overwhelming demand we’ve received from the millions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans looking to reconnect with this celebrated franchise.”  That maybe they’ll take these sort of ideas into play when working with what is to come.

Though right now we are to wait a few more months to see where they lead us with this.  The hype is going, more and more Nickelodeon is getting the fans excited with news about the upcoming Ninja Turtles franchise.  I’m already enjoying the ride as we wait for the next piece of news to come out.

IDW has a lot of great titles out there from Transformers to Doctor Who.  To learn more about IDW and for their press releases about this comic, please do check out their website:

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I'm really hoping they get Tristan Jones back on board. And Dan Berger. They wrote my favorite Turtles tales during Tales v2 and I am glad they are reprinting the original material as well!

Is there going to be a re-release of some of the older comics from the Mirage line?

Michele Ivey's picture

Yes there will be, from what we've been reading they've got plans for a hardcover collection of the first 11 issues. You can read more about that at: It seems like the comics are in good hands.

Well, I guess I should be excited. But there are too many questions, and as it is, I'm not even sure I'm excited about the new toon atm. Guess I'll be more fired up if they present anything at Comic-Con. It would make the hassle of registering worth the effort if they represent the Boys well in San Diego.

If James Roberts and Nick Roache have any involvement with these comics, I will definitley buy!