Kevin Eastman Back on Board!

When Ninja Turtles sold to Nickelodeon in October 2009 a lot talk went around as fears of the new directions Ninja Turtles would take.  Though the biggest fears was no longer seeing those names that we all know being tied into the TMNT.  The first sign of names coming back was last year when it was leaked that Rob Paulsen is returning as a voice for the new show, this time being Donatello.  Hope then came up when we learned of IDW picking up the Ninja Turtle Comic.  Though the biggest surprise came on May 19th, 2011 when "Comic Alliance" released an interview about the creative team behind the new Ninja Turtle Comic coming out this August.

Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz and Dan Duncan are the names given for the new comic.  That's right, Kevin Eastman, the very same Kevin Eastman that drew the first Ninja Turtle back on November 19th, 1983 and co-created the comic with Peter Laird.  Eastman and Waltz are co-writing the comic as Duncan is the artist. 

Excitement is running through me now as I read the interview posted.  To learn that Waltz is a Turtle fan and is using more than one media to put together the story for the new comic and to see Eastman's name back in the credits for TMNT where it belongs.  This is some of the best news that I've read all year and has me totally pumped to read this comic when it comes out.

This should be an interesting twist for the fans.  Since 2003 the comics have been written by Peter Laird, as Kevin Eastman sold his rights to Peter in 2000.  Many fans were disappointed by this, as we've all loved both Eastman and Lairds work from the early days.  Peter still has a chance to run a comic, if he ever chooses to do so.  Which means this will be the first time since 2000 where both Eastman and Laird have freedom to share their stories in comic format.

I admit now to not knowing much about Tom Waltz, as I'm not a huge comic book reader.  I pick up a few here or there and usually they got Turtles inside.  So this will be my first time reading any comics written by Tom, though by reading the interview I am excited and can not wait to see where he goes with this.  Tom is just as important to these comics as Kevin, being a co-writer, he's a new name for us to get to know.

For those who are just now learning this new please do read the original interview:

Thanks Caleb Goellner from Comics Alliance for bringing us this great news!  Let us know what you think, will you be buying the new comic books as they come out?  Are you as excited as those of us at Cowabunga Corner are?

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