Kevin Eastman TMNT IDW Sketch Cover! CC Kickstarter 3rd update

Hey everyone,

Here's the next offer to get backers for Cowabunga Corner.

For $400 you get
- Kevin Eastman sketch on an IDW TMNT #1 comic with sketch cover
- TMNT animation cel from original series of a lead character - Thanks to Art-Toons

- 4 TMNT sculpted pins by Miki Ivey
- TMNT Comic Con toy comic for Nickelodeon promotion for toys
- A 30 minute video skype call with Michele
- Name in the credits in all of Season 5 episodes of Cowabunga Corner
- Name listed on a public Thank You page on Cowabunga Corner,
- A Cowabunga Corner sculpted magnet designed by Miki Ivey,
- A signed photo of Michele
- A Cowabunga Corner Sticker
- A Cowabunga Corner Season 5 button
- A personalized Thank you email from Michele Ivey

ONLY four of these packs are open on our kickstarter page! Become a backer today!

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