Kodak Moment #62

I got hundreds to thousands of photos through my life.  A lot of which would match up to stories here on Cowabunga Corner, but for one reason or another they are not chosen.  This does not mean that these photos are not worth sharing and do not hold stories of their own.  I would like to keep sharing what I can here on the site, so whenever I can I will share a photo and a story to go along with the photo.  If it’s a part of events that has been shared here, we will link back to the stories of the events themselves as well.  Hope everyone enjoys.  Today’s photo is me holding my friend’s cat Kiki.

This is a kitten photo of Kiki, had to be in 2005.   Shortly after I got injured at work, I spent a lot of time at my friend’s apartment.  They had a heated pool, which I could go swimming in.  Every weekend, I’d drive out, spend a day with my friend.  We’d watch her niece, go swimming and play games.  Then I’d bring her back to my place for the weekend.  During that time, they got Kiki.

Anyone who knows anything about me, I love animals.  I’ve always got cats and dogs in my life.  Kiki was no exception to that rule.  I would play a lot with her.  Help distract me from what I was going through.  My left arm is mainly holding her, as my right arm is resting under to stay protected from any claws. 

I do not know where Kiki is these days.  I do hope she’s doing okay.  She was a fun kitten to know!

Are you a cat lover?  If so, do you own any cats?  Please share memories, comments and questions below!


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