Kodak Moment #68

I got hundreds to thousands of photos through my life.  A lot of which would match up to stories here on Cowabunga Corner, but for one reason or another they are not chosen.  This does not mean that these photos are not worth sharing and do not hold stories of their own.  I would like to keep sharing what I can here on the site, so whenever I can I will share a photo and a story to go along with the photo.  If it’s a part of events that has been shared here, we will link back to the stories of the events themselves as well.  Hope everyone enjoys.  Today’s photo is from New York City Comic Con 2007.


This photo was taken at the Ubisoft booth where they had the game for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2007 movie set up to be played all around the booth.  I am posing with WolfofMibu and Michael Rinzler.  Michael at this time worked for Playmates Toys, in charge of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys.  Behind us is Kevin Eastman, as he was getting ready for an interview at the booth. 

This was an amazing year at New York City Comic Con and this photo catches some of the vibes going on around, lots of Ninja Turtles and happy faces.  This was my first event where I met Michael in person.  These days people may have seen Michael in other stories here on Cowabunga Corner, like when I interviewed him for his toy company, Wicked Cool Toys.  Michael loves working with the toy industry and is a Ninja Turtle fan himself.

WolfofMibu is a member of the TMNT-L message board, we use to meet up at events all the time.  I still see her from time to time, though she’s not active on TMNT-L anymore.  I always enjoyed hanging out with her, as I still see her as a great friend.  Lots of great memories like this, were made together.

Have you gone to New York City Comic Con? Were you there in 2007?  Did you play the Ubisoft game based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2007 movies?  Thoughts, comments and questions are all welcomed below!


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