Living Dead Dolls Party 10/10/14 NYC

There’s a lot of great toy companies out there, so many that we can never show them all in our reviews of Toy Fair.  One of the companies that has stood out often to me is MEZCO.  I love their products and the lines of the toys they realize.  From Thundercats to Chucky these guys always have eye candy.  Which is why we support their press releases whenever they come our way.  One of their main products is the Living Dead Dolls, and while we were in New York City they held an awesome party for the Living Dead Dolls at Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum.  Here is my review of the event.

Leatherhead and I both showed up to the party a little early.  I loved getting to go into Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum.  Ever since I was in one of their books, I’ve had an interest in checking out the museums.  This also felt like a fitting place to throw a party for those creepy dolls that are so loved by the masses.  Leatherhead and I showed up as things seem to be getting started.  Our names were on the list, so we got lead right to the party.

In the room of the party they had a lot of cool decorations and art up around the room.  There was a man at the door checking for wristbands, and in the room people sitting around at tables.  One of the tables had merchandise they were selling, like the limited editions Posey doll, that was made for this party.  The rest of the tables had artists around the room.  As I was looking around taking this in, one of the guys I’ve talked too many times before at MEZCO caught my attention, I said hi to Mike.  He let me know to get one of the books from the first table.

The book is “Art Of Living Dead Dolls ”.  Going through the book it’s a delightful read showing many different artist pieces inspired by the Living Dead Dolls.  As several artist  get to share their images of these characters in fun designs meant to please the eyes of their fans.  I flipped through the book a lot, to see the art of those around me before making my way over to say hello.  Each artist had prints in front of them, which usually matched their images in the book. 

Susan Zeidler was one of the artist at the first table I visited.  It was a true pleasure to get a chance to talk to her and see that the original art piece was sitting at the table with her.  While most of the art in the book were drawings and paintings, Susan was unique in her style as it was a fun collage of different items bringing life to the art.  I truly wish that the print in the book could bring the true look, feel and inspiration as the original.  I would love to extend a Thanks to Susan for sharing the original, with those of us who could attend.

As I walked around the room, I took time to say hello to each of the artist and look over the art of theirs in the book.  Some of them would have more than one piece.  Each and every artist brought something new and exciting to the book through the styles, colors and characters.  Some of the artist were still arriving when we first walked through.  One of the artist who was there started to talk with me, Chris Garofalo.

Chris took notice as to Leatherhead and I both wearing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  He informed us that one of his pieces is currently up at the “Turtles in Time” Gallery.  He pulled up his artwork to show us, as it’s one based on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.  Truly a man with good taste.  It was a thrill to find a TMNT connection at an event, where I was not looking for one.  Only goes to show, you never know who you’re going to meet.

Another artist who stood out in the crowd of talents was Damien Draconis, a very young artist.  Damien had to be the youngest at this party and he knew how to have a good time.  His humor brought smiles to everyone around.  Leatherhead and I could not help but laugh, as Damien would light up the room with his artist talents bringing smiles to everyone.  Totally an honor to meet him.

The “Art of Living Dead Dolls” book is one of little words and a lot of images.  Even so, it still gets a very thoughtful and informative Foreword by Basil Gogos.  Leatherhead and I got to meet Basil at one of the tables, he had some of his own artwork on display.  While he was at the last table in the room, it just shows they were saving the best for last.  As he made sure to give the Living Dead Dolls the credit they deserve in such a nice introduction in the book. 

The small room was filling up with people as they were being let in.  Normal attendees were giving grab bags with goodies inside from toys to prints.  Things any fan could enjoy for their personal collections.  They had the chance to buy the rare Posey and meet their favorite artists.  A fun event, with so much talent all around.  With art on the walls and table, video projected along  another wall, and more stuff being created at those very tables it was a room filled with creativity.

Three pieces that were on display this night were not to survive till morning.  These finished pieces of art, with fine detail from the clothes to lines in the hair were not even displayed in the book.  What I am speaking of now, may look like dolls and a coffin, but they were really three cakes made to match the theme of the night.  Sadly I did not catch the name of the artist who made these cakes as we see them, nor did we get to stick around to try them.  I did enjoy checking out the talent as all the details were brought to these fine pieces of art.  It was only right for them to be on display in a Museum before being passed around on plates for the fans to enjoy.

This was a fun evening I will not soon forget, as I hope to stay in touch with many of the nice people we met that night.  I enjoy flipping through my copy of “The Art of Living Dead Dolls” and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys art and of course to fans of things like Zombies, creepy dolls and the “Living Dead Dolls” themselves.  A big thanks out to the great people at MEZCO for letting those of us at Cowabunga Corner take part in the evening!  And to those at Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum for allowing such a fantastic event to take place at their location.

Did you go to the “Living Dead Dolls” Party on October 10th in New York City?  If so, what was your favorite part of the evening? Did you meet any artist that was on your bucket list? And were you able to pick up a Posey for yourself or someone you know?  Please feel free to share reviews, comments and questions below!

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