A look back at Christmas 2015


Christmas day was a great day filled with laughter, food and family.  We had our Christmas morning at home, just my mother, father, Miki and I.   We exchanged some gifts with each other, got food cooked up and headed over to our Cousin’s house.  Where we spent the rest of the day for food and games. 

The question I’ve gotten all weekend has been, “Did you get anything Ninja Turtles for Christmas”?  So I put together a video highlighting some of the items I got for Christmas from friends and family.  From toys, games to clothes, both Turtles and not Turtles.  This is a peek at my Christmas gifts.

Do I have a favorite out of these presents?   I do, but… is it something that was under the tree?  I love my throw pillows.  My shirt is awesome, giving me something to wear at Christmas time.  Betrayal at the House on the HIll is one of my favorite board games.  The Donatello bank looks so awesome.  And my thermos will help provide food at the conventions.  Everything I got under the tree was simply awesome and will be play a part in my life.  I can’t really choose a favorite.  All I can say is Thank You to everyone who helped make this Christmas happened.

I really hope that everyone who takes part in these Holiday activities had an amazing Christmas!  A big wish out for happy families all around, as the joy of spending the Holiday with family is the best gift of all.  Which is why my best gift for this Christmas was having Miki here, we’ve been apart since shortly after Comic Con as she’s been in California.  She came in on the 21st, and is visiting as long as she can.  For me, I can’t be happier that she’s here with us right now.  And it’s that warmth and love that I wish for everyone.

Merry Christmas all!  If you’d like to share what you did for Christmas, what presents you are enjoying or who you spent your Christmas with, please do so in the comment section below!  All comments and questions are welcomed below.

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I'm so glad you had a great Christmas Michelle! I had a pretty good one too. You got so many awesome TMNT gifts, I especially love the Christmas themed shirt and the Donatello bank. I'm actually a big fan of Cards Against Humanity as well, so I was excited to hear that you like it as well. I'd love to play that or any other game with you if we ever meet at a con again! Like I said I'm happy you had a great Christmas, and here's to an awesome New Year as well!