Loving Memory of Toby

Family is one of the most important things in a person’s life.  But what makes a family?  Blood? Living under the same roof?  Bonding?  Or just love?  For me, family is those whom you hold very close, from the family you’re born into to the family you choose.  Some of those family members are only in your life for a short time, but that does not make them any less important or dear to your heart.  This last year my family has lost some loved ones.  Some would just call them pets, but I know they were a strong part of our family.  Today we took a very hard blow, as I lost my dog, Toby.  Almost 16 years old, a bundle of joy, filled with love and very smart.  Toby has been a huge part of my family since the day he was born.  This is for you, boy.

 It was April 1997 when he entered our lives.  I was out with my mom and our neighbor as she got a call saying that her dog was having puppies.  None of us knew that the dog was even pregnant so we jumped in her car, leaving a party to return to her house as her dog was brought inside to finish having her puppies.  We got there before the last one was born.  I was told that I could have one of the puppies as a Graduation/Birthday gift.  That is when I looked through and saw Toby.  He had this beautiful collie look to him.  With a short stubby nose and a curled tail, he was just the cutest little puppy. I did not hesitate to choose him from the group.   As each of the puppies looked different from each other, it was not hard to know which one was mine.

Everyday I would go over to visit Toby, spend time with him and the other puppies.  He would get excited to see me.  When he was old enough to move home with me, I brought him to my house.  I bought toys for him, a leash, and more.  Within a few days of him living at my house, I brought him on a walk around the block with his new leash.  It was a retractable leash, so I could let him go far or hold him close.  But when he saw a squirrel on the next block over, he went running and broke the leash.  In the past, I was use to the idea that once a dog got free from their leash they would keep running.  This scared me deeply as I dropped to my knees and cried out for him.  He stopped chasing the squirrel and came running back into my arms.  This is when I knew Toby was different from most dogs that I’ve known.  He was smart and really did love me.

For those few months, I brought him everywhere with me.  I refused to eat in at restaurants, as I did not want to leave my puppy alone.  Though in June I started to plan a road trips with friends.  It was a rather large road trip, which would split me away from Toby for sometime, as I was first being picked up by Leonardo and going to Chicago Comic Con.  There I met Roseangelo, where we hung out and then went to her house for a week.  I had a blast during that week and a half.  Though I did miss my puppy back home, I was with cool friends.  The next part of my trip had my folks picking me up to drive to Vancouver, BC to visit the set of “The Next Mutation”.

At that time, I thought I Toby was going to be staying with my grandparents.  Though to my surprise, my mom and dad arrived with Toby, who was so happy to see me that he peed in the car!  There was so much laughing, Roseangelo and I ran around the yard with him, before it was time to say goodbye.  I got into the car with my folks and went cross country.  I got so many cute pictures of Toby on that trip, as he stopped at tourist attractions where dogs were allowed.  But the best moments with him on that trip was when he got to be with me on the set of the Next Mutation.  The actors and puppeteers got to meet my Toby boy.  That was his only real road trip, but it was a good one.

Throughout the years after that, Toby stayed close to me.  My friend Shadow Wolf and I realized he loved easy cheese so we nicknamed him “The Cheese God”.  As he would run through the house if we took out a can of this tasty treat, he just knew that we had it.  She did some funny drawings of him introducing Easy Cheese to the Turtle fandom traveling mascots at the time Spork.  As he got known through my internet friends, Toby was a part of the fandom. through photos, videos, and drawings.  Because of this, we would bring him to local meet up with fellow TMNT fans, including the party held at Turtle Con 2000.

In 2000, the fandom changed a lot, and it was around that time that I started to pull back and not be around as much besides for a few areas online.  Because of that, Toby was pulled out as well.  When I got back into being active in the fandom, I did not pull Toby back in with me.  Friends who really knew me, still heard of Toby and I would bring him up here or there online on Facebook and even TMNT-L.  Of course I still love him and still wanted to share his story with people as a year ago I wrote this story about “Toby and the Next Mutation” sharing a write up about him while he was still with us.

Toby and his sister, Sassy, were both a big part of my family.  Everyone in the family knew and cared for both of them.  They were born together, and died in less than a year apart from each other.  These are two big losses that we feel.  I was not home for Toby’s final days, I was hearing every day how he was doing from my family.  Though I did give him a huge hug goodbye before I left on this long trip.  A part of me knew there was a chance that he might not be there once I returned, though I was hoping that I was wrong.  I go home the weekend of Easter.  So close... yet so far away. I want to thank everyone who has been sending me warm wishes for our lost.  And I hope to keep him alive through many happy memories as Toby was a joyous, happy spirit.  He spoke his mind often through barking and running around, with his wagging tail.  He loved being with the family.  His favorite pass time as a puppy was to herd our cats around and following his sister around.  Toby will always be a warm memory of wonderful moments.

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I'm so so sorry to hear about this Michelle :( but just like Donatello19 says, he will be with you always in your memories, and will always be with you in spirit too!

Sorry for your lost and I wamna born in 1997

I'm so sorry Michelle...even though Toby is no longer here physically, he will always remain with you in your heart and memories, just remember that.

so sorry i remember my first dog he ran away my sister who is now 36 opened the gate and let puggles (that was his name) he was a pug he was 2 when my sister (who hated the dog) did it on purpose love you puggles it's me oscar leveto

i too know how great your loss is. i had several Dogs that past away & others we had to give away because we couldn't take care of them. Just remember, like the old 1988 movie says, All Dogs Go To Heaven. Also, almost 2 years from now my Father past way after his 2nd heart attack. God bless you & your family.

Thank you for posting this what a beautiful dog Toby is sending you lots of love and light xx
Toby was very lucky to have you and you him xx