Memories "TMNT and Christmas"

TreesmMerry Christmas everyone!   Ever since I was a kid Christmas has been one of my favorite Holidays.  I love all the colors of Christmas lights, going out with the family on Christmas eve to see all the houses done up for the Holiday.  Having the big dinner with the family.  Of course I gotta say gifts are always fun too, but that is only a perk for the excuse to be together with everyone.  I know not all of our readers take part in this Holiday, though I feel all Holidays have this special thing to them no matter which ones you’re a part of.  It’s the warmth of being with those you love, and for my family Christmas is a big part of that.  In this write up, I want to share my first memory that showed the Turtles took part in Christmas.


There was a small convention set up in my hometown.  We had a booth there for people to take photos with me in my Turtle costume, “Photo with a Turtle only $5”.  We had things people could pose with like my original foam Krang my dad made me.  Some foam pizzas that were used at our parties and our Turtle boom box playing songs from “Coming Out of Our Shells”.  Back then people did not have digital cameras, we were using Polaroid and had little picture frame sleeves to put the photos into.  We would do this at flea markets and store locations throughout the year while doing birthday parties.  Normally the money made was only enough to pay for the space we had, but it got flyers out to people who could get us for birthday parties.  This convention was tiny though and I do not think they ever held it again, as there was only a handful of dealer tables through this small building.

There was an artist alley there, I recall meeting one of the artists for the original cartoon series.  He had a few animation cels and was very nice to talk too.  He did story boarding.  I had him sign a few Archie comics.  This was the first time I met someone who worked on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, though I did not get contact or even think of making friends with him.  It was cool to hear his story and see his art work.  Through the event I did not find too much that I wanted, though I did find one comic book.  It was Mirage Micro Series Michaelangelo #1, second printing.  I picked it up.

This is the story where Michaelangelo finds Klunk.  I was not so much into reading back then, so I thumbed through it for the pictures and loved all the signs of Christmas in the comic.  I got the comic and it became one of my favorites for a long time.  When I finally did read the comic, I found how much I love the story as much as the art.   I truly enjoyed when the 4Kids series turned this comic book into an episode called “The Christmas Aliens”.

It was not much, but it was the first thing I ever saw of the Turtles doing Christmas.  The original cartoon series did not do any Christmas specials which was a shock.  Though at Christmas time you could find things to hang on your tree, stockings and even Christmas plush dolls.

Today’s question for our readers who are fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is, what was the first thing you ever saw of TMNT that had to do with Christmas?  Please also share comments and questions below.

An extra thing for the Holidays:

Back in the early 1990’s the Ninja Turtles were a part of MGM studios so you could see the Turtles in the Disney Christmas Parade.  I have two of these old parades on video one with the Turtles singing Jingle Bell Rocks which is my favorite and the other one the Turtles are singing Santa Claus is coming to town.  I did a search on youtube to try and find these videos, while I could not find the two that I know I did find this video here and would like to share it.


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