Michele Ivey's "Cowabunga Corner" #60

Welcome to episode 8 of Cowabunga Corner Season 3. In this episode I share some video that was taken in 1993 of my trip to Orlando, FL.

Originally planned to just show the MGM Turtles, though when I realized how short this blog would of been I decided to share some more of the trip. Covering both Universal Studios and Disney World.

This video is one of the first Cowabunga Corner episodes to share some of my other interest as I let audio from the past tell about parts of the trip, over lapping the matching video. There will most likely be another episode down the road about this trip, sharing some of the Turtle stuff that did not make it into the video.

Did you get to see the TMNT at MGM back in the early 90′s? Please share your stories in comments or a video reply! :)

Please feel free to leave comments or do video replies.

Editing: Phoenix & Michele
Host: Michele Ivey
CC Set:
Camera: Star
Old footage:
Camera: Dave Ivey
End Video:
Camera: Miki Ivey
Guest: Townsend Coleman
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Next Week on Cowabunga Corner: An interview with the original voice of Michaelangelo!

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