Michele Ivey's "Cowabunga Corner" #69

Hey everyone,

Welcome to episode 17 of Cowabunga Corner Season 3. In this episode I talk about the relationship between Raphael and Ninjara. My favorite TMNT Couple. If you don't know who Ninjara is, please pick up the Archie TMNT Comics they're GREAT!

Do you have a favorite relationship in TMNT? If so which couple do you like, please comment or share a video replying telling us about which couple you like and why.

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Editing: Phoenix
Host: Michele Ivey
Camera: Miki Ivey

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Next Week on Cowabunga Corner: Fan Goodbye party to the Words & PIctures Museum

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I think my favorite couple if u want to call it that would have to be Michelangelo and kala.michelangelo would alwase blush when he heard kala name ,and kala would alwase go on mikeys skateboard. Then when the neutrino s were looking for fun the turtles took them to the arcade and kala really enjoyed that ,that's what broke the ice if u will , so all in all neutrinos and turtles 2 different worlds equals 1 good relationship if u want to call it that.