Michigan Action Figure Expo!

I have been going to conventions since I was a little kid. So it’s not uncommon to see me wandering the halls of a convention decked head to toe in Ninja Turtles.  Some conventions have become use to me being there yearly, while others I show up at for only the names upon the guest list.  I have worked in all sorts of different areas for conventions from dealer rooms to running panels to even Convention Operations.  In all ways I do love going to conventions.

Though there are some things people will not see at a convention with me, unless I’m running a panel or holding a table, and that’s parts of my collection.  The most I carry on me for a normal convention is things to get autographed, which are usually nothing more than my autograph shirts and DVD covers.  I leave my movie props, scripts, toys, and other major collection pieces home only to be seen by those who visit with very few exceptions.  Usually there’s not much notice if I am bringing anything to an event.

This May is one of those exceptions. Michigan Action Figure Expo has invited me as a guest.  I plan to bring a handful of my rare items along with me for this appearance.  I have a table set up display being planned out where people will be able to witness parts of the collection that has never made appearances with me before.  We will also have a TV set showing clips from Cowabunga Corner, including deleted scenes and clips from the upcoming Season 4 interviews.  A treat that only those who go to this convention will get to see.

While it does not sound like there will be panels at this convention, I will be at the table to talk with anyone who has Ninja Turtle questions or questions about my collection in general.  People who have seen me at events before do know that I’m very informative on those subjects as I’ve ran Ninja Turtle panels at a few different events, usually with TMNT guests by my side.

Another thing we will open up here for Turtle Fans who go to this event is a chance to take part in our Cowabunga Corner Fan Interview Episodes.  We will have cameras with us, and anyone interested in taking the time to answer 5 questions for the camera will be filmed to appear in one of the upcoming Fan interview episodes.  Depending on how many people join in on this event, we will determine which season these Fans will appear in.  No promises of order.

Looking forward to meeting everyone who shows up at the Michigan Action Figure Expo!


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