Midwest Media Expo 2014: Pop Culture Panel


In the past seven years I’ve been working panels at conventions on and off.  If someone brings me in, I’ll be happy to sit down for as many panels that they request of me.  From Youmacon, A&G Ohio to Power Con I have sat in for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle panels.  The topic is so easy, it just comes out as I sit there with unlimited stuff to talk about when it comes to TMNT.  Though Midwest Media Expo threw me for a twist I did not think I was ready for.  They put me on the Pop Culture panel with Tom Wayland and Andrea.  I was lost, and when I asked them what we wanted to do for that panel they were both not worried.  This was one panel I feared since I didn’t really know where to go with Pop Culture.  Man I was happy when I came in and found that the panel was being hosted by someone else.  Here is the video of the Pop Culture Panel.

This panel took me by surprise, I had no clue that there would be so much I could add in for the subject.  We were joined by two other guests Eric Ruth and Kroze.  Shea hosted the panel, with a lot of great questions and topics for us to discuss about Pop Culture.  I personally was very shocked and happy with how the panel went. 

At one point in the panel you see me waving good bye, and I even say bye over the mic.  I was seeing a friend leave who came for the panel, but left before it was over.  His name is Eric, and I thought I would get a chance to talk to him after the panel.  I hope he enjoyed the event. 

I am happy that I was able to be part of this panel.  That I had stuff to add.  And that everyone up there was right on the ball with good points for each question.  We worked well off of each other.  It did help that each of the guests up there were people who get along with each other.  I’ve known Tom for a long time because of his work on TMNT and Kroze has been a friend I met through Youmacon who I see at other events now.  With Andrea and Eric as both recent friends that I’m thrilled to have the chance to know.    And of course there’s Shea, who I first started to get to know through the World Steam Expo here in Michigan.

Did you go to Midwest Media Expo?  Were you at this panel?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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