Mirage: Goodbye Facebook

Since October 2009, when the news was released that Viacom bought the Turtles.  Fans have been watching more and more of the stuff we know of Mirage disappear.  With the official Turtle website now down for maintenance, the Mirage comics closing down, the few workers still with Mirage only being there a few days a week to handle the orders that come in for their back stock, and now a good bye on their Facebook page.  It’s hard to watch, though it’s not the end just the beginning of a new road.

I’d like to take some time to share their good bye here.  This is the quote right from their Facebook page:

Howdy everybody! This will likely be the last updates to the Mirage Facebook page. With the sale of the TMNT property to Nick, Mirage will no longer be your source for the TMNT comic books. All you Mirage fans should head on over and check out IDW Publishing, as they'll be handling the TMNT comics from here on (Mirage, Archie, and they'll even be starting several new books from the sounds of things!).

There's always a chance that your favorite Miragers might be able to continue to tell Turtle Tales in the future, so if you want to see Kevin EastmanPeter LairdDan Berger, Jim Lawson, Eric Talbot, Mike Dooney, or Murph, head on over to IDW's forums and let them know. You never know what might happen down the road!

Don't forget our great contributors like Andres PonceWill TupperRoss MayMike Hawthorne (an artist on IDW's GI JOE comics) and Tristan Huw Jones (who was announced today as being part of IDW's Ghostbusters creative team), either! They all have bright futures ahead of them, and you never know, you may see them back on the TMNT down the road!

It is sad to see so many fronts of Mirage closing down, though we knew it was only a matter of time.  This does not mean that any fan of Mirage will ever stop respecting and looking up towards them for the years they gave us.  25 wonderful years.

What I did like in this write up is that they mentioned going over to the “IDW’s Forum” to let them know you want to see the Mirage guys again.  Which is what I mentioned in my IDW write up.  If we really want to see the Mirage crew, means we’re going to have to make an effort at this by going to the IDW forums and let them know.

I know I can’t speak for all fans, but I know a lot of us really liked the Mirage crew and would be happy to see them back on board.  These people have been with us for a long time, and even a lot of the newcomers have gotten us attached to them as part of the crew.  Saying goodbye to them was really a disappointment for a lot of us and we thought that this sale meant there was no chance of getting them back on board.  Though IDW has opened the door for us to have some hope.

I look forward to what IDW is going to do with the Turtles.  And I really hope that they hear the fans and bring on some of the old Mirage crew if possible!

Mirage will always be the true home of the Turtles, Eastman and Laird the parents that brought the Turtles into this world.  Steve L., Jim, Dan, Steve M., Michael, Eric, Ryan, and the rest of the Mirage crew became the family that helped lead the Turtles down the many adventures and through some hard time.  Together they were Mirage.  Viacom may be their new home, though that will never change where they came from.

Please visit the IDW forums and share your feelings about what is to come.  Let your voices be heard!

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