MME2014 Black Nerd Comedy Panel

Midwest Media Expo is a new event in Detroit which had a lot of great panels going on, with fun guests.  A guest I got to spend a lot of time talking with, was Andre from “Black Nerd Comedy”.  He got a panel on Saturday night which was a blast.  Here I show an edited down version of his panel, cutting a few things with reason.  This is a fun panel, with a lot of laughs and his introduction the Michigan drink called “Faygo”.  Check out the “Black Nerd Comedy” Panel!

The first cut in this video is a 22 minute sing along to some great theme songs going back some of my favorite childhood shows.  People would get up and sing with Andre, I jumped up personally when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song came on.  Most of the time we would just sit in the seats and sing along.  On some of these, if Andre noticed the crowd wasn’t singing along, he would tell them about the series, like the old “Mario Brothers Super Show”.  We had a lot of fun. 

The second cut in the video is a project that Andre is working on for his Channel.  We don’t want to spoil the fun and know that Andre plans to have a lot of good laughs from what he’s up too.  So we will leave that surprise for him to share when he’s ready.  Just make sure to keep up with to find out what he was up too with this fun crowd who came for his night time panel. 

This was a great event and I hope everyone enjoyed the video!  A big Thanks to Andre for coming to Midwest Media Expo!

Did you go to Midwest Media Expo?  Were you at this panel?  If so what was your highlight of the panel?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

Host: Andre Meadows
Camera & Editing: Michele Ivey
Music: “T U R T L E Power” with permission from Partners in Kryme
Location: Midwest Media Expo 2014 in Detroit, Michigan

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