Movie Review Corner: Ninja Assassin

The title alone made me want to go see this movie. Who honestly doesn’t love ninjas, right?

This movie is definitely for those who just need to turn their brains off for a while, enjoy some martial arts insanity, and don’t mind buckets of gore. Yes, gore. There was so much blood being sprayed EVERYWHERE in this movie. It took me by surprise how many dismembered limbs were flying around and how much brains I saw while watching this movie. Their weapons sliced through bone like it was made out of butter. As one person puts it: “Ninja Assassin opens with a scene of such unmitigated gore as to classify itself more as splatter film than action flick.”

The most interesting parts are those that show the young Raizo learning the way of the ninja. It’s a brutal upbringing, but one would expect so of trained assassins. Doubt Splinter was THAT strict.

The martial arts in the film is very quick and snappy. But one would expect no less, considering the Wachowskis were on board as producers. For those that don’t know, they were the ones who created the Matrix movies. The weapon play is amazing.

I wouldn’t call the acting a solid performance. What could one really expect? The actor playing Raizo is a Korean Pop Star.

Overall, I had a decent time watching the movie. Just be warned, if you’re going for a deep thinking movie, you’re going to the wrong movie. If you’re going to just watch a bunch of ninjas kill each other in very brutal, gory, fast-paced scenes… then you’ve hit paydirt.

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