Movie Review: High School

Many different type of movies come out through the year and I find myself usually more into the action, adventure, superhero, or animated features.  To be fair, when I receive a screening pass, I will go to it and just give it a try even if the trailer does not hold my attention. Sometimes I get surprised, like Battleship where I went in not expecting much and came out so thrilled with the fact that I saw the movie.   This was one of those pictures where I went in not sure about it, when I told people I got tickets for this movie the biggest reaction is was “what movie?”  The movie is “High School”.

High School is about a school that is doing a drug screening test on all of the students.  One of the students does not normally do drugs and is top of his class, though before they announced the drug test on the school an old friend of his convinced him to try it once.  He did not enjoy it and was really upset when he learned that this could now get him kicked out of the school.  His friend comes up with a plan to get everyone in the school high so that all of the students fail the drug test.   While they do get the full school high, they are also caught on camera and have to come up with away to not be caught.

The lead characters are Henry Burke, played by Matt Bush and Travis Breaux played by Sean Marquette.  Henry is the top of his class kid, when he was younger he was good friends with Travis.  Through the years the two of them grew apart.  Travis has some friends that he spends most of the time drugged up with, while Henry has focuses on his grades.  The film is a comedy that follows the two of these students and their problems.

The story was by Erik Linthorst and John Stalberg. They had help on the screenplay from Stephen Susco.  John Stalberg also directed the movie.  Their cast members were fun and helped keep the movie entertaining with people like Yeardley Smith and Curtis Armstrong as teachers.  Camera work was good, and there was some scenes in the movie that made me laugh.  If you do see this film, wait till the end of the credit.  There is a fun scene there.

High School was filmed in Michigan, so the screening we went too had some of the people including extras in the crowd.  Sitting next to our group was the Security Guard that checks Henry over before his drug test.  That did make the screening a bit cooler, knowing people who worked on it were there.

Though this movie is fun, I personally have to say that I am glad I did not pay for it.  The comedic aspects of the movie did not hold me, the plot was there though the solution for their problem was easy to see.  There could have been some other funny things done with a school very high.  I was able to pay attention to the movie, but it felt like a made for video type movie.  I know I will not pay to see the movie, but I might watch it again if I bump into it on TV.

Here is the trailer, the humor in the trailer is pretty much the humor you get through the movie.  So if you enjoy this trailer, check out this film.


Have you seen High School? What are your thoughts on this film?  Feel free to comment and ask questions below.

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