Movie Review: Hop

Easter. One of those holidays that come around every year which millions of people take part in.  With a very religious history to it, it’s still has a light and kid friendly theme to the holiday itself.  Over the years, much like Christmas, the religious side to Easter is covered up a lot by the hype as all the stores sell Easter bunnies, peeps, and Easter egg coloring sets.  The one area where I never felt Easter touched that most other holidays have gotten down for children is movies.  There’s never been a movie that screamed “Easter” unless it was about the religious side to the holiday.  So when I first heard about “Hop” coming to theater I was iffy about it. How can they make the Easter bunny into a full scale movie?

Since I do enjoy children movies and cartoon shows, I decided it was worth a look.  Made by the creators of “Despicable Me”, there was a chance that this movie could be good.  As I walked into the theater, there were a lot of children and adults, which made for a good crowd on hearing the response from around me.

The story starts off on Easter Island, where we see young EB, and his love for drumming.  His father, the Easter Bunny, shows up and offers EB to go work with him, showing the factory where they make all the candy for Easter.  Though EB is excited at first he realizes that this is a lot of work.  We see his father off to do his job, where a human child witnessed the Easter Bunny’s arrival.  After that we skip 20 years later, where the real story begins.

EB is drumming which one of the chicks in his room that enjoys dancing to music.  His father comes in, telling him to give up on drumming and be ready to be crowned the Easter Bunny.  Though EB decides this is not the life he wants and runs away.  While out he meets that boy who witnessed the Easter Bunny as a child and decides that this is now his friend, Fred O’Hare.  Fred though wants nothing to do with EB and tries everything he can to get EB out of his life.  While EB’s father sends out his personal guards to try and find EB.

Meanwhile, the second in command at the factory is a chick named Carlos.  Carlos was jealous of EB since EB was a child and wanted to take over Easter.  With EB missing, Carlos spends a lot of the movie trying to convince EB’s father to pass on the role of Easter Bunny onto him.  Though is treated like a joke.  He decides to take things into his own hands and take over.

Which brings us into a few different story lines that all mesh together well, EB and his dream to be a drummer, Fred trying to get his life together, Carlos working to take over Easter, and EB’s father just wanting to find his son.  As the movie goes on, there’s a lot of fun comedic moments, as well as action.  I found myself interested the full time in the movie as it was a lot better than I originally thought it was.  This movie is on par with “Despicable Me”.  I’m not naming it movie of the year, but it is one that I hope to own and may start to watch around Easter time each year.

There were two issues I had with the film.  The first one is the Christmas rip off, they use a flying Easter Egg pulled by baby chicks to go around the world on Easter.  This was annoying and just did not feel right, as I never pictured that for the movie.  They do have another way for travel in the movie, it’s a rabbit hole that will bring them anywhere in the world.  That would of been a lot better for how they get around on Easter, instead of ripping off Christmas.  My other problem with the movie goes to a part near the end being wrapped up in a very unbelievable manner.  Though I will let the viewers decide that for themselves.

The cast of Hop did a great job, one of my favorite actors even had a role in this movie.  Hugh Laurie, best known in the TV series House, who does have a history of doing voice acting as he was the Yellow M&M for years, plays EB’s father.  This was something that I personally enjoyed, as I’ve always liked Hugh’s work.  EB is played by Russell Brand, who I felt did a very good job at bringing EB to life.  And as the ads show even David Hasselhoff made an appearance in this movie.

Written by Cinco Paul and Directed by Tim Hill, I felt that “Hop” was a fun movie, made for both children and adults to enjoy.  There’s music, laughs, serious times, and family moments through out the film.  The crowd at the theater I went to was filled with laughter, even adults quoting the characters lines as they laughed.  There was no disappointment upon faces that left the theater.  So I do recommend this movie if you enjoy children comedy/adventure movies.

If you decide to go to this movie, stay for the end of the credits.  One of my favorite scenes is there.  It’s worth the wait.

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