Movie Review: "How to Train Your Dragon 2"

Usually when a movie becomes a hit, they make another movie to pick up from the first.  Most of time, the second, third or even fourth movies will never live up to the first film.  Even though I love all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I would have to say that none of the movies has bested the first film.  When I was a kid Back to the Future was the one movie where the second was as good as the first.  Though in recent years Toy Story has been the best example that it can be done.  All three of those movies are top notch.  I do not except films to do that, so I was very surprised when “How to Train Your Dragon 2” came out as good as it is!  Here is my review of “How to Train Your Dragon 2”.

This movie is about Hiccup as he explores the world to find new Dragons only to learn that there is a new threat coming to Burke.  Once his father learns the news, things swing into action as the two butt heads on how to handle the new threat.  Only for Hiccup to discover something which will change his life forever.

Now I don’t want to give spoilers away.  In fact I personally feel the later trailers give too many spoilers about the movie away.  I am so happy that I saw this movie with only knowing the teaser trailer, so some of the key moments in the movie was a new surprise for me.  Which is why the trailer I posted at the top of this review is the teaser.  If people want to see spoilers on the film, watch the blow videos that I’ve linked.

This movie took all the characters from the first movie and aged them five years.  They bring us back to the world we were introduced too, giving each of the Dragons from the first film some screen time and still manage to bring in a lot of new dragons.   We see the character growth, we watch the relationships, and see the heart of each character.  Which brings this movie to that level of excitement and thrilling, there’s no feeling of being forced.  Only feelings that further advance the plot and characters. 

Speaking of feeling this movie is full of them.  Happy, funny, anger, fear, depression and relief.  Each emotion has it’s time in the film to pull one forward into the adventure, or yank one out to take a moment and reflect on what just happened.  The timing of these scenes pulls on each of those strings just enough before going onto the next sequence in the film.  The writers and animators made this a true work of art.

My favorite thing to this movie is not one scene, but the characters.  And my favorite character goes to Toothless.  His personality rings out so much in this movie, as he is pulled through a whole new set of adventures from the first film.  I love the detail set in, to his background scenes to his key moments.  Toothless never has a dull moment and truly catches the your eye through the film.  These are the type of characters I enjoy, where you can relate to them through the film.  Their actions speak as loud as any word.

I recommend “How to Train your Dragon 2” to anyone who loved the first movie.  People who enjoy the tv series.  And those who like movies with a lot of adventure, comedy and heart.  This movie was simply amazing and heart warming.  I will be buying the 3D Blu Ray when it comes out and want to see it as many times as I can in the theaters.  The people behind the movie deserve a round of applause for keeping the spirit of this film so close to the original. 

Have you seen “How to Train Your Dragon 2”?  What are your thoughts on the movie?  Please review, comment and ask questions below!

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