Movie Review: Megamind

More and more lately we are seeing a lot of CGI movies coming to theater. It feels as if a lot of them are just thrown together to make money and nothing else.  We get slammed with bad animation with poorly written plots, but voiced by A-List actors.  Though 2010 has been finding itself some real worthwhile CGI movies like “Toy Story 3″, “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Despicable Me”.  These type of movies make me decide to go back to the theater to give each of these CGI films a chance, knowing every now and than you’ll find the diamond in the rough.

“Megamind” is the most recent CGI movie that I have gotten the chance to see.  This movie is about two alien life forums that as babies were sent away from their planets taking the same trip to Earth. Once upon Earth they lead two different lives.  Metroman, an alien lucky enough to look human with super powers,  he was brought into a rich home and raised as good. Than there’s Megamind, he’s blue and making it clear he’s not human. His best ability is his mind, where he can think up plans.  He was raised in a prison where he learned to be evil from the inmates. Though that wasn’t what made him truly pick the route of evil, as he did try to go to school with other children. He found himself out casted with no friends besides for the one Minon that was sent with him by his folks.  Realizing his path of evil, he took it in full force and enjoyed all of his battles with Metroman. It was a game to him and one he enjoyed.  Until the day he won.

Characters are an important part to this movie, with getting to watch the growth and changes in Megamind himself. It’s to the point that the people going to the movie can know and understand why he went the path of evil in the first place. It’s a well rounded character, with more to him than people give him the chance to show. His Minon is Megamind’s only real friend in the movie, as he stands by Megaminds side through thick and thin. Roxanne Ritchi is a female character I can respect, she’s not a warrior but she is someone who is strong willed and really smart. She plays a great role in this movie and is one of those rare females in a super hero movie that fans can respect.

This movie has a strong plot, wonderful art work and character design, voices that match the characters they play and were acted out great.  Best of all, the personalities for each of the characters that you watch seem to grow and change through the movie.  The direction this movie was brought was thought through and pulled off in a way that any super hero fan could enjoy.  If you’re into cartoons, comics, and even video games this movie is something worth checking out.  There’s even your super hero and leading lady type romance in there for those who enjoy love stories.  Comdey is a strong part in this movie, as there’s laughs through the movie.

The 3D is a hit miss in this movie, it works well but is not needed.  I enjoyed the movie with 3D, though I feel I would of enjoyed it just as much without.  For the most part I was pulled more into the story than the effects through the movie.  I would like to see this movie a few more times in the Theater before it’s released on DVD/Blue Ray, just cause I know there was stuff in there that I could enjoy more the second time around.  I highly recommend this movie with two thumbs up.  I’ll also like to give a nod to all the great people who put this work of art together for us. It’s movies like this that keep me going to the theater.

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