Movie Review: Peace, Love and understanding

Romance is one of those areas in life that doesn't normally entertain me.  I usually feel it's forced when shoved into a story, because people like the results of a love story.  I do not really hang out with many people who enjoy love stories, so these are not the movies we buy or go see.  So when I learned that the movie we were seeing is called "Love, Peace and Misunderstanding", I was debating if I would enjoy the movie or be bored.

This is a film about a lady, Diane, who's all work.  She's been married 20 years, and over that time has had two children with her husband.  Though the two of them have drifted and he asks her for a divorce.  She doesn't want to deal all the way with it, so she decides to take the kids to see her mother, Grace.  We learn that Diane has not seen her mother in 20 years, because of something that happened long ago.  So the kids, who are now in their teens have never met their grandmother.  They go to Woodstock and learn that Grace is a hippie, so much different than the lifestyle they live.  We then watch both kids and the mother fall into their own romance stories.

While the movie was based around romance, I did find myself enjoying some of the different stories and characters.  The acting was good in it and I liked their character choices.  One of the things I noticed with their characters was the ages.  The mother of the two kids looked older than her own mother in the face, though it was clear that her mother was older.  I know a lot of times people can look older depending on their stress levels.  Her stress was high and it showed.  Her mother though was fun loving, young at heart and carefree so she had this young look to her eyes.  It fit the feel of the movie and was a great choice in the casting director and make up artists.

I liked the character of the son, Jake.  He was into videoing everything around him.  He was funny, and had fun with it.  He reminds me of myself with a camera when I was young.  I would video tape while driving down the road and everything.  Most of my footage though never got used.  There was one scene where I think he really stepped out of bounds with what he did with the video, which hurt his sister.

I did not like the sister, Sara, too much.  She was very judgmental of everyone for whatever they did, she was all stuck up with things.  Though she wasn't snobbish, she was just set in her ways and felt that anyone outside of her ways was in the wrong.  She was vocal about it and was rude to a few people with her way of responding about things.  She was smart and knew what she was talking about and had a reply for anything thrown at her.  Though, she just had this attitude that did not help her with being a people person.

While there were other characters in the movie, the only ones who really had real roles were those in relationships.  You saw others come and go for parties, but their roles were really short.  It was truly a romance type story.  So at times the movie felt long for me, as I realize that there's themes that keep hitting the movies I've been seeing. "HIGH School", "That's my Boy" and "Peace, Love and Misunderstanding" all have drugs, sex, and nudity in them.  These are things I do not normally go to the movies for, yet they have been playing a big role in all of the films.  Not to say it made me like the movies any more or less than I would of, just noticed these traits popping up these days.

The film was directed by Bruce Beresford and written by Christina Mengert and Joseph Muszynski.  Their cast is really good, with Grace played by Jane Fonda, Diane by Catherine Keener, Sara by Katharine McPhee, and Jake by Nat Wolff.   Of course there is also the cast of people they have their romances with with Diane having a thing for Jude, who was played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  Jake likes Zoe who's played by Elizabeth Olsen.  Sara likes Cole, played by Chace Crawford.  Cole has my favorite line in the full movie.  The location of the filming is beautiful, and eye candy for anyone who likes a lot of trees, water, and mountains!

Overall, I will most likely not watch this film again.  It was a nice one time but it's not the type of movie that I find myself into.  I recommend this movie for people who enjoy romance stories topped with a bit of comedy.  It's a fun movie, had a few laughs and a good script.

Have you seen "Peace, Love and Misunderstanding"?  If so please share a review below!  Comments and questions are welcomed!

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