Movie Review: Red

There’s just sometimes you need to shut your brain down and try to enjoy yourself with some action and comedy, and that’s exactly what you get here with Red. It’s loosely based off of a Warren Ellis graphic novel. I can’t tell you how loosely based, I can only go by what I have read online about the comparison as I have not read the graphic novel but I will soon. Though I’m sure there are some die hard graphic novel fans who are highly opposed to this flick. Yet, until I read the graphic novel, I really enjoyed myself with this movie.

I’ve always enjoyed watching Bruce Willis in movies, going back to his Die Hard days where he was a hard-nosed cop trying to protect his family. In a sense, that’s what I see here except that he’s a retired CIA black op that easily hands the younger generation their butts. The movie mainly focuses around him, trying to break into the CIA to protect himself and his friends, as well as his love interest played by Mary Louise Parker. Her kidnapping scene is quite amusing, though I was glad to see the duct tape to the mouth for the first half of the movie. I wasn’t particularly keen on her character at first, but she does start to grow on you.

During Morgan Freeman’s short lived screen time  you just continue to appreciate this actor. He was able to bring the funny as well as the a little action. Helen Mirren was absolutely stunning as the former British agent, and alongside Morgan Freeman brought quite a bit of sophistication to this movie. Brian Cox had a few small parts as a Russian mob type character who was once a nemesis of Willis’ character. I wasn’t completely sold on Cox’s russian accent, but it’s Brian Cox, how can one not love what he does with a role?

Is Karl Urban one of the next big action movie actors? Could be. I liked his impersonation of DeForrest Kelly’s Bones in the Star Trek movie as I felt that was nearly spot on. Plus, I’ve enjoyed watching him in the Lord of the Rings movies, as well as in Xena: Warrior Princess as Julius Caesar. I’m interested in what he brings to the screen in his next movie “Dredd.”

Though out of all of the incredible actors in this movie, John Malkovich was by far my favorite with his portrayal of Marvin, the former agent given LSD injections for years. The rightly-so paranoia he gives off provides much of the laughs for this movie. His over-the-top insanity is worth watching this movie.

The action sequences are not amazingly done with CGI. The police car scene in the trailers are just as cheesy on screen. But, by this point in the movie, I didn’t care how the graphics looked. I just wanted to continue enjoying this movie. Though, I will say that the fight between Willis and Urban was really entertaining.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie and will probably be picking up the DVD next year. Its just a fun little flick for adults who need a break from the day.

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