A Much Needed Update

First off, I want to apologize for Cowabunga Corner’s website being quiet for so long.  On November 18th, I went through surgery for my RSD, with a follow up surgery on December 12th.  Since that time I’ve been healing and going through the Holiday rush and I’m just now getting some time to look back at the last few months.  During this time, I was able to keep up with all new episodes of Cowabunga Corner on YouTube and the Facebook page.  The actual website is the only area that I could not bring myself to update, though I did try.

In December, I went to many movie premiers including premiers during the the weeks of the surgeries.  Movies I got to see included Sherlock Holmes, War Horse, The Adventures of TinTin, The Darkest Hour and Hugo.  Each of these movies, I started reviews for that were never finished, and I am sorry about that to all of our readers who look forward to the reviews that post upon the site.

Starting now, I’m getting a chance to breath and catch up.  I’ll be posting all the episodes of Cowabunga Corner from November 22nd to now here on the site.  I’ll also work this month at writing up reviews for IDW Comics that I have not been able to review yet, as well as do some write ups about other TMNT things that have been on my mind lately.

I’d like to thank everyone who has sent me well wishes in recovery.  I’ll do a write up soon about how this has changed my life as of recently and just what the surgery did to make these big changes.

Thanks again to everyone for bearing with us during this hard time in my life.  I hope now that I can get back to bringing you all Cowabunga Corner updates on at least a weekly schedule.


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