"Mutation in Progress" TMNT 2012 Comic Con Event Review

The crowd was thick around a small pizza place in San Diego today, as fans of the TMNT gathered for the Nickelodeon's "Mutation in Progress" event.  The pizza place had large images of the Turtles over all the windows, so no one could see inside.  Images of the new CGI show, for everyone outside as the sidewalk had Ninjas all over the place.  The Ninjas were passing out turtle face masks to the crowd, one per a person with a ticket to go into the event as we were standing in line.

Fans known through out the fandom were ready to go in with Stephan from gogreenmachine.org, Tokka, and even Josh who was interviewed on the Season 7 DVD set along with Stephan and I.  This was the first time the three of us were together.  That was not all as some guest were there.  Santino, a very nice guy who has some really strong TMNT connections in his life, though is a huge fan himself.  Michael Sinterniklaas, best known as Leonardo from the 4Kids series.  And even Kevin Eastman and his family came to this showing of the TMNT event.

The event had 3 showings, 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm.  With pizza, water and plenty of Turtle eye candy.  Once they let us into the event I made sure to stand near the stage before the place filled up.  Eatting a potato pizza of some type and hanging out with fans as we waited for things to start.

The show started as we got to hear from the Vice President of Nickelodeon about the series.  First they did an overall of the characters.  What I did find interesting is that this is the first time I've seen Nickelodeon spell Mike's name as Michaelangelo.  I'm not sure if that was a mistake or if this is going to switch back and forth like it did in the early 90's, depending on who's handling it.  As they talked about each characters, images were on the screen behind them.

They went over the weapons talking about the few changes they made.  They don't feel the popping out blades is really that big of a deal.  Next they showed us images of Splinter, April and Shredder.  Shredder looks really cool, not as much the joke of a Shredder but as a threat.  Splinter looked different, and interesting.  April is young, very young.

Young April seems to be the biggest issue that Turtle fans seem to have.  As a lot of people are use to her being a bit older, useful to the group in being able to get into places that they can't.  And never a real romance interest for the guys though they may tease about it from time to time.  While I understand fans hate change, change is never easy to get use to.  I personally am not going to make a big deal of the young April.  My reason?  April never held my attention.

April O'Neil was a disappointment to me as a kid in the fact that she didn't stand up for herself and she relied on the guys.  I liked it when they changed to where she fought back.  Though I did not like when they just made her appear to be a master.  I liked it when they gave her chances to be able to do things without the Turtles, but really I did not need April O'Neil there or not there to enjoy the story.  She's never been a favorite character.  She's just been there, someone the Turtles can bounce off of.  In the Next Mutation they had Venus De'Milo.  So in the new series next year we get a teenager.  For this, I will hold my judgement until the series airs.

The vibe in the crowd went a little cold after the April image was shown, but they got us excited by showing us the Shredder soon after.  Which lead us into their rides.  We got showed bikes, shell type rides and even the new party wagon which is really a subway train changed to drive topside and below.

The new party van has the same flaw to it as the Battle Shell did for me.  While it looks cool and everything, it draws way too much attention to it.  It's not a normal type of car you see driving around.  It will turn heads.  It's one thing to spiff up a car that everyone drives like a VW van, while the colors might get people to look... the shape and everything won't make it stand out like a sore thumb.  The look is great, fun and would be any gear heads fun dream to go over and see how it works.  Going to be great as a toy for children to play with.  It's just a personal thing for me not to be over excited about their rides.  I will still buy it for display with my toys.

This lead us into the toys as one of the reps of Playmate Toys came up to talk.  He spoke a little of the history of playmates and shared 3D images, really 3D!  They were hologram images of the new toys with us.  They also showed a display of some of the old toys and there was a small display of miniature new toys.  The main thing about this telling us about all the points in which you can move these toys.  From what I can see they're truly going in the right direction.

Following Playmates was IDW, sharing news about the comics.  Bringing Eastman on to help write, to keep that true feeling of TMNT to the series.  They were very positive about it.  As they showed us the covers of the first three comics.

The last set of speakers were the creative team behind the new show.  Where we learned they have one who has a history with Martial Arts, one who with comedy (worked on 3rd Rock from the Sun) and one who is a big TMNT fan.  With this they feel that they got the makings for a great show.  It is interesting to see the way they're going about this, and it's nice that they do have a fan working on the show.

The TMNT fan is Ciro Nieli, he was in our recent interview with Greg Cipes.  He's a real TMNT fan, with feelings for each of the areas of TMNT history. His knowledge of Turtles is really good.  And while there are changes in the series from what we know from the past, he is still working to keep it at a point that all fans can enjoy.  Placing no age limit on the series, both kids and adults. Should be interesting.

Closing up the show they gave us a small clip of the Mutation in Progress.  In this clip we got to hear two of the Turtles voices.  Leonardo and Raphael, who both sounded really good towards their characters.  And you could hear the hint of them being teenagers in this short clip.

Everyone picked up a free comic and thumb drive as we went outside and talked for a long time before we went our ways.  Each sharing our thoughts on what we saw.  Most of which was excited, while a few friends expressed their dislike of the teenage April.  So the fans are all still a mix bowl of feelings on the series, as much drips out for us to see and get our own thoughts.

While it's cool to think we can see these things the most important thing to remember is everything is a 'Mutation in Progress".  Nothing is finished and a lot of stuff is still in the works to be even better.  And the coolest part about all of this is that they're watching our feedback to see how we feel about where they're going.

I thank Nickelodeon for giving us this sneak peek.  I thank them for the thumb drive with a few things done for comic con.  And I thank them for taking the time to see what us fans and the general public think of what they're doing right now.  This is a new adventure for all of us, and the best way to handle an adventure is to go along for the ride and see where it takes you.

Fall 2012 can not come faster enough!

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Yea young April is going to take some getting used to, but i'll adapt. Love the turtles too much to pass this up because of one thing. Fantastic review! I'm totally looking forward to these comics in the fall. Planning on buying everything IDW puts out TMNT related. :]

It's on Nickelodeon, and a knowledgeable ninja turtles fan seems to be heavily involved in it's process.

Wow. Talk about going either way.

I think I shell freeze myself, in hopes to awake a year from now.

I'm going to vomit! This is the lamest thing I have ever seen! You should be ashamed of raping and molesting the inner children of the 80's and 90's. You should have let the 4kids people keep the franchise! They knew what they were doing!

Michele Ivey's picture

I want to let you know, the people writing this review is not working on the show. We are fans watching and seeing what's coming out. Some fans do not feel the same, and really find it interesting that you're so fast to judge when none of what we've seen is the finish product. It's all 'in progress' meaning anything can change between 2012 and now.

Only thing I can say for you is, from fan to fan... try to give it an open mind. If you don't like it after it's on TV, than just wait cause there's always something new coming around the corner. TMNT has always been a ever changing media for all different types of people.