Nickelodeon Resorts Retro Weekend TMNT Panel 3


This has been a great year for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans, with new comics, cartoons and the movie.  Though the best thing has been the amount of events that has happened that Ninja Turtle fans can enjoy.  As we try to make it to as many events as we can to support the Turtles, we are also doing so to bring as much footage and coverage back out to share with everyone who has not been able to make it to these far off cities.  One of these awesome events was Retro Weekend at the Nickelodeon Resorts Hotel in Orlando Florida.  This is the third TMNT panel from the weekend that we caught on film.

In this panel get a good laugh as Townsend Coleman, Barry Gordon, Rob Paulsen and Cam Clarke share tales from their time working on the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Fans get to ask questions to the voices from that Classic series, as they don’t just are the answers though fill us with joy as they use those awesome voices that we came to love.

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing this panel!  Did you get to go to Retro Weekend at Nickelodeon Resorts?  If so, did you make it to any of the voice actor panels?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below! 

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