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Cowabunga Corner T-Shirts are now up for order!

These are limited edition T-Shirts!  Limited to the amount of shirts that get ordered between now and September 5th.  It is the very first Cowabunga Corner T-Shirt!  The front of it has our logo, while the back has a design by Tim Jot, the winner of the “Cowabunga Corner T-Shirt Design Contest”.

Tim’s design is clearly a nod to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Though keeping it from being a copyright issue, since the Turtle is not a Mutant.  This does fit towards Cowabunga Corner seeing as how we’re best known for our reviews and interviews of anything and everything related to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Though we do try to cover other things, it’s hard for anyone not to think Turtles when Cowabunga Corner is mentioned.

The first 30 people to order a T-Shirt will also get a limited edition Cowabunga Corner Season 3 promo card!  This card will have autographs from guests that are connected to Cowabunga Corner!   These are limited, if you want in on this awesome deal order your t-shirt today!

Here is how ordering the shirt is going to work.  First of all we take Paypal and Money orders.  Sorry no personal checks will be accepted.  Any personal checks sent will be voided and returned to sender.  So decide which of these you’re going to use.

Fill out our order form below and click the submit button.
We will send a payment request via Paypal to you.

Money order: 
Please print this page and fill out the order form below to send with the money order.

Money orders are to be mailed with the printed order form to:
Michele Ivey
P.O. Box 1609
Royal Oak, MI

T-Shirt Prices:
For all shirts shipped in the USA it’s $19.95
For anywhere else in the world shirts are: $23.95

We will take orders for the shirts till September 5th.  We will then place the order with the shirt company and will send notice when shirts are being shipped to those who purchased.  T-Shirt prices include shipping and handling.

U.S. Buyers
Orders are Now Closed

International Buyers
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you have became my new hero.....lol i love the teenage mutant ninja turtles since i was a kid. sad to say all of my ninja turtles action figures have completely vanish so im back to square one and im starting all over again from scratch...and i gotta admit the geek in me is coming out XB and what ive gotten so far has resurface my childhood. LOVE YOUR COLLECTION!!!!!! and im looking foward to more that youll be adding and im also hoping the ninja turtle museum happends lol. keep the blogs coming!!!!!

to bad i live out of the us, i would have bought one :(

i'm so excited for tomorrow

Season 3 :D

Michele Ivey's picture

We sell out of the US, the international order forum and price is there on this page.