Pizza Noodle Soup: Into The Future!

Hello and welcome to Pizza Noodle Soup! This is a series of blog posts where I just talk about anything and everything... I thought I'd start things off by discussing the fact that we're in the future now!!!








That's right folks! 2015 has arrived and today I'm going to be highlighting some gadgets of the future that we should be getting this year... Maybe... Okay it's doubtful but here we go!

•Flying cars

Pretty self explanatory... Cars that fly. Would this be completely awesome? Yes! Would it be a traffic nightmare? Yes again! While flying cars do currently exist, I can't really see them "taking off" this year.


The toy every kid ever wanted... Well that and jet packs. The hoverboard in Back To The Future relied on a sort of earth-based magnetic propulsion system... In other words, don't expect it to work on water.

•Dehydrated food

Taking the place of microwaves would be food hydration units. Essentially this microwave-toaster-oven could turn a tiny pizza the size of a medallion into a fully cooked large supreme pie. Can you imagine how much cooler the average lunch box would become?

•Fingerprint payment system

This system was actually tested a while back at a few gas stations in the US. Not sure why it didn't take off, but it sounded like a pretty cool idea!

•Self-tying laces

Okay guys... Believe it or not this is actually going to happen this year! Nike has filed a patent for a mechanism that not only tightens the laces of a shoe, but will do so in the Nike Mag from the movie! How awesome is that?!

•Cafe 80s

I'm actually surprised that as popular as the 80s are now that this isn't a thing... From a business perspective it could popularize on the appeal of franchises that were not only big in the 80s, but big now as well(TMNT!).

What devices from Back To The Future II would you like to see in 2015? Discuss in the comments below!


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