Playmates Toys on Social Media

In 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came out as a very successful cartoon series and toy line.  One company was there from the beginning to the cartoon to now, making the Ninja Turtles an amazing franchise to support.  This company is Playmates Toys.  So many people still do not realize that Playmates Toys paid for the first five episodes of the original Ninja Turtles Cartoon series to be made.  They were the ones who helped so many of us learn of the Turtles, and I for one will remain Thankful for them bringing TMNT to our lives.  Now they’re making it easy for us to follow their company with new Social Media sites called TMNT Play.

If you have Facebook, twitter or Instagram you can follow Playmates Toys for fun videos, images and information about the new toys coming out.  All you need to do is find TMNTPlay and follow.  Things like a sneak peek of what the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive TMNT Toy is going to be for the year, videos on how to put your toys together, and even video clips of TMNT toys in the News.  So much fun can come from getting to follow the company who helped bring the Ninja Turtles to the fans.

I for one am excited about this as I have always loved when the companies do something for the fans.  Giving us away to reach them, or see what is going through their minds. Doing things like Social Media makes it so we can feel we’re a part of what they have to offer us.  Letting us reach out and touch the company and show our support for what they’re doing. 

If you’re as Thankful as I am and do have Social Media pages please feel free to follow Playmates Toys at any of these sites. 

TMNT Facebook:

TMNT Twitter:

TMNT Instagram:

Right now a found thing they’re doing is hints towards the new Comic Con Exclusive TMNT Toy.  I personally can not wait to see what it is, and hope to be able to get my hands on it.  As their last few have all been really great toys.  My favorite Comic Con Exclusive goes out to the Shredder they released in 2013. 

Hope to see everyone on the TMNTPlay sites!  Let’s have fun and stand together as a strong fandom!


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