Power Con 2013: Nickelodeon TMNT Panel

Power Con 2013 was a wonderful event for fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  With guests ranging from the original cartoon series to the Nickelodeon series.  There was a little something for everyone.  The Cowabunga Corner crew worked hard to cover every area of TMNT at Power Con.  Here is our video of the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles Nickelodeon panel.

This panel was fun as it had Greg Cipes crashing the panel, bringing voice acting to the table.  With artists, writers and the main producer.  People at the event were able to ask their questions about how things came about from Splinter’s personality to the way the Kraang act and move.  As most panels do, it left people excited for what’s to come and who they got to see.

Our cameraman for this panel was Leatherhead, as he is a huge fan of the Nickelodeon series.  I personally wanted to be there for the panel, though business to do at the Cowabunga Corner booth, so only got to see the beginning and the end of the panel in person.  Thankful for this recording to be able to see the rest of the panel.

Did you go to Power Con 2013?  Did you get to sit through this panel?  What were your thoughts on the panel?  All reviews, comments and questions welcomed below.

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I had such a great time meeting them and listening to them discuss the series! Really a day I'll never forget! :)