Puppet Improv: For a TMNT Contest

This is a short improv video I did with some friends for a contest on facebook. The puppets were both made by my dad, as I wanted to do something different for the video. Though with a lot going on, we were in a rush putting this together. Originally I was going to try and script it out and we were going to film in a handful of locations. Though instead everything was done at my house, first part in the Cowabunga Corner set and the second part outside in my drive way, no script.

We do have out takes and a lot of goofing off that I'm thinking of turning into a fun video to post up here at some point. We'll see if I get around to it.

The contest this was made for is being held by Steven Ho, Donatello's stunt double from TMNT 2 and 3. He has a group on Facebook called "I like Steven Ho" you can find it by searching that on facebook.

Plot: Michele and Star
Prof. Jane Perry: Star
All four Turtles: Michele
Extra: Lawrence
Real Movie Props from TMNT 2 : The Secret of the Ooze:
- Ooze Canister
- TGRI Jumpsuit
- original script
Puppet Props made by: Dave Ivey

Hope everyone enjoyed this little video was hoping to make it shorter but wanted to get all four Turtles in at one point or another.


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