Random Collection #28

Throughout the years of being a Ninja Turtle fan, my collection has been growing.  Every year I get something new that joins the collection.  Growing since 1989, I have over 500 Ninja Turtle toys out of package and over 300 in package, as well as books, animation cels, original comic art, scripts and so much more.  To cover all of this on Cowabunga Corner is not something I really think I can do.  Though I get a lot of questions about my collection, so I figured I could do random stories from time to time to share one item in my collection.  This one is about my very first DVD.

Back in the mid 1990’s I was still very use to buying VHS movies. When DVD players came out, I questioned the idea of changing over as I trusted and knew my VCR.  Though I watched people buying them.  I wondered if they were going to go the same way as the laser disc players.  They cost a lot for a normal DVD, and the players were not cheap either.  My family went years before we got a DVD player at the house.  Though I did break down for my first DVD, before we even had a DVD player.  I found the TMNT movie when it was released, this was the only Ninja Turtles DVD out at the time.  I had to add it to my collection. 

I bought the TMNT Movie DVD and opened it up.  The cover was cardboard, the disk plain like a CD with no real lable.  There was an ad inside to buy 4 movies and get one free.   I did not have a player when I got this DVD, so I went a few years before it ever touched a DVD player.  Sitting with my Laser Disc and CD Rom versions of the movie.  When we finally got a DVD player I finally put it in and got to see the game that came with it.  Sadly there has not been any real new features added to a US release since this movie came to DVD in the 1990’s. 

I do not watch this DVD anymore.  It stays in my collection, as a great memory.  It’s case proudly sits with my other DVD cases.  This is not just my first TMNT DVD, it is my first DVD at all.  My second DVD also came before I got a DVD Player, that was the 2 pack of Toy Story 1 & 2.  Pieces like this may not mean much to someone if they just see them sitting around, but to me they are priceless.

What was your first DVD?  Do you still have it?  What is your first TMNT DVD?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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