Review: 100-Page Spectacular TMNT Archie

One of the great comic series of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the Archie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Comics.  These originally came out following the original cartoon series by David Wise.  Though by issue 5, they started to go into their own direction, introducing new characters and becoming a whole new world of Ninja Turtles.  Now, because the first 8 issues released were so close to the original Ninja Turtles cartoon, a lot of people thought that the full series would follow the cartoon series and did not give this comic the credit it deserves.  If I bring up the Archie Comics to people, I usually hear “Those are not dark enough”.  When people say that, they clearly have not read the later issues of this series.

IDW has been working to surprise and please the fans that are following what they are releasing.  They first started with their own world of the TMN.  Then, they followed that up by releasing the Ultimate Collection of the Mirage TMNT Comics and now they are starting to bring us the Archie series!  This week they released the “100-Page Spectacular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes In a Half-Shell” book.   This is hopefully the first of many Archie books to be reprinted by IDW.

Holding this new book in my hand, I have to say the cover is the first of disappointments with this book.  Instead of giving it an original cover from IDW, they reused the same cover from when Archie put together this graphic novel in 2009.  If you already own these comics, then only for collector reasons would you want to buy this book.  Much like the “Change is Constant” book that IDW released for their own series of TMNT Comics, this comic has no extra features that makes it worth buying.  It may have been more of a thrill to buy this book if the cover was hard with new artwork, though it is a softcover book with no real notes inside, or features to make it stand out.

The book starts off with a splash page when you open it, credits of those who worked on the book and then it goes straight into the stories.  You can read through all three of these comics as one book with no dividers where one book ends and the next picks up.  After  the comics we get to see the three covers of the books within this graphic novel, and following that is ads for the other Ninja Turtles IDW Published books from the Micro Series to the Ultimate Collection books.  And that is the end of the book.

The reprint itself is nice, very well done.  It looks like a thick comic book with how it’s bound together.  I always find it enjoyable to see the old comics coming out for new generations of fans, so people can enjoy what’s been out there.  Though seeing as how this was reprinted in 2009 with the same cover, the same three comics, it just doesn’t seem worth the money if you don’t already have the other book.  The 2009 book also has much brighter colors, even the cover shows the difference in colors, and the book has extra features like “The Origin of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “Behind the Art”.  It’s easy to say which one is the better buy.  If you can find the 2009 printing from Archie with the 25th Anniversary logo on the cover, for a little bit more money you can get some extras that are worth checking out.  Though if you’re trying to keep it cheap and just want to read the comics itself, than check out this IDW printing of these comics.

I really do hope that IDW keeps releasing the Archie TMNT series.  Though it would be nice if they get a hold of people like Ryan Brown, Chris Allen,  and Steve Murphy to get inside notes on the series.   Really for the first few issues which it is based off of the original cartoon series, it would have been really cool if they got a hold of David Wise for some inside notes.  True, it would make the comics cost a little more since work is being put into it.  Though for extra notes, art, or even interviews, it would be worth it for fans who already have these comics to buy them again.  I personally believe that the Archie TMNT Adventure Series deserves the same sort of treatment that has been given to the Ultimate Collection of the Mirage TMNT series.  While it was not the first version of the Ninja Turtles, it was a great ride that many of us Turtle fans grew up with and enjoyed.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who never watched the first three episodes of the original cartoon, or never read the comic book adaptation before.  It’s got art from Michael Dooney in it, one of the Mirage Artist I have admired since I became a TMNT fan.  It’s a fun read.  Though if you’ve got the Archie comics already and you’re not a die hard collector who needs every book, then this book is not for you.  I hope that future graphic novels of the Archie Comics will have more perks that we can enjoy to help encourage these books to fellow readers.

Have you read these comics?  Did you read them when they originally came out?  Do you own the 2009 version?  What are your thoughts on the new IDW release?  Feel free to answer these, review, comment or ask questions in our comment section below.  All email addresses are kept private.

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