Review: Since 1984 TMNT Shirt

For many years now I’ve been known for always wearing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirts.  While it’s not true that these are the only clothes that I own, it is true that I wear TMNT shirts at least 95% of the year.  From old shirts to new shirts, if they fit they’re on the list of shirts that I wear.  I have enough different type of Turtle Shirts to usually choose my shirt based on my mood for the day.  So it’s only right if I give some reviews on different Ninja Turtle shirts out there.  Starting with my newest shirt, “Since 1984”.

In this video I share my thoughts on the design, color, fit, and wording used on the shirt.  I also talk a little bit about the differences between the years with Ninja Turtles.  Which series has what year connected to it.  Though while 1984 does not match the image on the shirt, I also have a reason that it could be a good way to start conversations about the original comic books with people who inquire about the year on the shirt.  So please check out this video for the full review.

I will like to send a shout out to for sponsoring this video.  Really since I’m always wearing different Ninja Turtle shirts, it does not cross my mind often that I should take the time to review them.  This was a fun review to do and I am thankful for them sponsoring it.  Make sure to check out their website to see lots of cool updates on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Do you have this shirt?  Please feel free to tell us about your thoughts on the design.  All reviews, comments and questions are welcomed below.

Host, Video, Editing: Michele Ivey
Intro: Phoenix
Music: “Pink Day” by Voranski

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Oh gosh, you're right! As much as the fact I LOVE that they used my favorite incarnation of Splinter.. yeah, should be since 1987 :)

Honestly I love the color of this shirt :)

You're lucky, my Walmart hasn't even got the display in yet!

Love the Shirt. I have 3 Turtles Shirts: One is brown with the factory fade look that has all for 1987 cartoon Turtles on it, with the words 'Turtlely Awesome'. Then theres my costume shirt that has a shell on the front & back. Finally, theres my Turtle Power shirt with Raph's head.

Michele Ivey's picture

Oh I know that shirt well. I've had it for awhile, it's a nice big shirt. :)

I know of the Wal-Mart shirt you're talking about. I'll be wearing it soon in an upcoming video (when I can edit and get these videos in order). I wish you the best of luck at finding it. It was in the stand that had all the TMNT stuff near the registers at Wal-Mart.

That's an awesome shirt, I love how Splinter is included. I think his eyes are closed because he's meditating, which I find to be pretty cool. The only thing I do not like too much about the shirt is that how the turtles faces and logo are the same shade of green as the rest of the shirt. I dunno, I think it would look better if they were a little brighter. As for TMNT shirts, I have one. It's an OT styled shirt, it's all green with the four turtles jumping out of the turtle blimp with Raphael front and center. I think I remember seeing you wearing the same one in one of your videos. Right now I'm looking for an all black, adult sized nickelodeon TMNT shirt. I've seen pictures of it on the technodrome forums, and it's exclusive to Walmart, though I haven't found it yet.