Review: Build a Bear TMNT Dolls


In July 2014 Build a Bear released a set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dolls.  One for each of the four Turtles.  Each different from the other.  These awesome dolls are really well made and something fans can enjoy.  Earlier this year I got to visit Build a Bear to start my collection of this awesome theme.  Here is not just a review with co-host Alopex joining in, of the Build a Bear Ninja Turtles, but some footage from when I was at Build a Bear making some of my Turtles.

My first time at Build a Bear was on March 17th, 2007.  The same day that I saw TMNT 2007 for the first time, I wandered into a Build a Bear at a mall very close to the theater.  It was my first time in Build a Bear, and they had four Turtles with purple masks around their faces and and belts.  They were not Ninja Turtles, just turtles dressed up to be Ninja Turtles.  This sold me, as I got two one for a Mikey and a Donatello.  My mom got one.  I thought for a long time that would be the only time I ever got a Build a Bear, I was surprised when the news came on TMNT-L that new Build a Bear Ninja Turtles were going to be made.

I wanted to go out and buy the four Turtles as soon as they came out.  Though my chances felt like they were slipping away as life got a lot harder for me during 2013, which has lasted to this day.  Money being tighter, I would walk pass the Build a Bear store and stare at the Turtles sitting there.  I was starting to think I was going to miss out on these, even though they were on the top of my list of Ninja Turtle items on the market that I wanted.

A friend of mine on Facebook got a hold of me earlier this year, when she learned that I did not have any of the Build a Bears yet.  Babes wanted to help me, with this and decided to pick up Michelangelo for me.  I was excited knowing that Mikey was coming, though I knew he needed the rest of his brothers for the set.  While on a road trip back from New York Toy Fair, I stopped in Mentor Ohio, where I met up with some of my friends.  They took me to their local Build a Bear.  Where I broke down and picked up Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo.  This video shows a little bit from that trip to Build a Bear.

The dolls themselves are just as great as I pictured them to be. I love the smile on Donatello.  I like their size.  How soft they are.  Putting the personalities into them.  The sound box.  Really the review shows it all.

I recommend these for TMNT fans who like soft Turtle toys.  Though sadly they are being cleared out at Build a Bear for new stuff.  So if you want them you have to act fast.  I heard you can now get them for under $20, if you can find them.  They’re no longer listed on the website.  This does sadden me since they’re really a great buy.

Do you have any of the Build a Bear Turtles?  Which one?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!


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