Review: Comic Con International 2013

I would like to think that I have going to conventions down to an art form.  I’ve been one of the kids who grew up upon convention floors, running through Sifi, horror, comics, and anime cons.  I’ve done cosplay, panels, sold, shop, worked, and so much more.  Conventions is a high light that is to be enjoyed, an event where people who have a common interest can come together to embrace what makes them happy.  Though here comes Comic Con International.  The largest of the events I go too and one of the hardest one for me to get through.  With overnight camping, long lines, huge crowds, and cattle herding security.  This is my fifth time going to Comic Con International and I still need to find away to where I can handle this event to enjoy, instead of feeling like I’m always on the run.  Here is my review of San Diego Comic Con International 2013.

Miki and I got our badges Thursday morning.  We went straight to the IDW TMNT panel this was one of two panels I really wanted to see this day.  While there I got to meet a lot of cool TMNT fans and Tokka showed up in the middle of the panel.  After the panel Tokka, Miki and I headed out.  I wanted to get in for the Playmates Toy panel, Miki was heading to Hall H.  So we went over and got in line for the toy panel.  I got some decent seats and sat through a Transformer Panel and then a WWF panel.  While I’m not into wrestling the WWF panel was fun, they kept the panel lively and got us to laugh a lot.  I didn’t know any of the inside jokes or who was who, but it was still a fun panel.  Next was the panel I was waiting for, the TMNT Playmates Panel.   I met a few other TMNT fans during this panel time and got to enjoy what they shared.

After that panel I decided I was going to head into Hall H, as I wanted to see the Dexter Panel.  One of the convention workers told us that the teaser trailer for the TMNT movie may be showed.  So I made sure to get there for the trailer panel.  While they showed a lot of interesting looking movies, including some from Paramount, there was nothing for TMNT.  Once Dexter started I had some decent seats and watched from off stage.  It’s sad because it is the end of the series, though it was cool to see how many cast members they were able to bring on stage.  This was a series I enjoyed with my family for the last few years.

After the panel it was going out and getting into line for Hall H.  This is the party line of Comic Con, you stay all night and make new friends.  Get some sleep then head into panels for the next day.  I split off from Miki in the morning letting her go into Hall H.  I went off and got in line at the Nickelodeon booth for the Shredder toy.  After getting one of those and a few shirts I went around and said hi to friends, catching up with a few different booths spending a lot of time with Steve Varner.  After talking a bit I went up stairs and found my way to the panel for TMNT with Tokka.  I sat in for a few extra panels, really enjoyed the Phineas and Ferb panel. 

After that panel was the Nickelodeon TMNT panel.  A great panel with a lot for the fans to enjoy.  After the TMNT panel we went down for the TMNT autograph session at the TMNT booth.  It was good talking with so many fellow TMNT fans who were in line with us.  It was really good getting to talk with everyone when I got my turn just to catch up and even got my shirt signed.  After the autograph session at Nickelodeon we went over to the autograph session at IDW.  Once again getting to have a good time as Tom Waltz, Andy Kuhn, Bobby Curnow, and Erik Burnham.  Once again we got to hang out with a handful of fellow fans who were in that area and met some new ones.  After getting our autographs we walked around a little bit more but the convention day was closing down. 

Saturday I went straight into Hall H for the Warner Brother panel.  Getting a front row seat we got to see many previews of movies coming up.  The new 300’s movie, a World of Warcraft Movie, Batman/Superman movie, Gravity and so much more.  I was there for one of the movies that they were discussing which is the LEGO Movie. 

After the Warner Brother panel was over I left Hall H and wandered around the convention a bit.  Saying hi to friends and seeing a few more booths.  Cutting out of the convention early to get in line for Hall H on Sunday for Miki.  Making friends with the people in line, we had a good time hanging out.

Sunday the last day of the convention I went in and got a few TMNT toys, and walked around the convention a bit.  I went and talked with Steve Varner from Varner studios for a while before seeing it was time to head to my panel of the day which was IDW Comics for Kids which had the Nickelodeon TMNT Comics in the panel.  I got to the panel early and was able to get a good seat to enjoy the panel.  As they showed a lot of upcoming books that are to come out.

After the panel I decided to take the rest of the day to kind of rest and go around the event.  I went down and met up with my friends at the The Army of Toy Soldiers. While there I had food and got to rest up.  I also got to see The Spine from Steam Powered Giraffe.  After hanging out there I went down to meet up with some other friends who came in, at this time Miki also joined us as her panels were over.  We went in and walked around to each of our favorite booths visiting friends and seeing cool things. 

Comic Con was fun.  There is a few down points from the conventions which was my normal complaints of crowd control.  From the Handicap line to the Hall H line.  There is times you feel like you’re cattle with how they move everyone around.  There was points where we were making cow noises as our lines were moved.  Though there is no such thing as a perfect convention.  As long as you leave with some really good memories, the trip is well worth it.

Did you go to San Diego Comic Con International 2013?  What panels did you make it too? What was your favorite booth?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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Glad to see you guys had a good time! I've always wanted to go to Comic Con just once to experience the madness.

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Will the panel be up soon?