Review Corner: "127 Hours"

This week I got the chance to go see “127 Hours,” a movie based on a real life story about a man, who has been climbing all of his life, went out on a day hike. He fell and became trapped after a boulder crushes his arm. His story was well known as he had to cut his own hand off just to escape. I remember hearing about this story back when it happened, so it was interesting to see a movie about it.

My first question when going into this movie was, how are they going to make a movie out of someone trapped alone for 127 hours without putting the crowd to sleep. True, the challenge of getting away is something of interest. Though, how much could they really put on camera that could hold enough attention for a theatrical movie?

The movie starts off with Aron packing to go on his trip. As he packed, he ignored phone calls and even left without finding his swiss army knife that he was looking for. It shows him on the road for a long time, heading out to his hiking location. We do not find out where he’s going till he reaches a sign near his location and he grabs out a video camera telling us what he’s doing. His trip starts off fun, even while out hiking he meets some girls and shows them around, showing us that he knows the area very well.

Once alone, Aron goes back on route for where he was originally heading. Suddenly, he has a bad fall and a boulder falls with him. He becomes pinned with his hand between the boulder and the wall. Aron has no way of freeing himself from this trap. Stuck standing up, where no one would find him. He’s alone, as he realizes he did not even tell anyone where he was going.

The movie from this point on is him trying different ways of getting out of this mess. He keeps us updated on what’s going on with him through his updates to the camcorder that he has with him. Showing us how much water he has left and what he’s tried. He’s able to make himself a seat as he works at trying to get away with some cheap tools he brought with him. As the days go on, his dreams and flashbacks start to get more scrambled as he’s not doing well.

This movie was very well done, as we got to go inside the trip and see this nightmare unfold. I personally felt for him, knowing he was loosing his right arm. Watching what he was going through during this time was hard, and truly showed the pain that he was in as he had to do things that most people would never dream of doing. With lack of food and water, Aron managed to save his own life, and shows that no matter how dark things are if you put your mind to it, you can pull yourself through. He was a fighter and should inspire many others to go on when things are hard.

For me the hardest part to watch in the movie, was not the part where Aron broke his arm, or even when he cut into his arm. It was when he found the nerve he had to cut. The sheer pain that covered his face. I know nerves are painful as I live with RSD in my right arm, and the one thing that RSD has taught me is nerves are painful. They really can change your life in just being damaged within the body, to picture cutting through the nerves like that just seems to scary to bare.

I would recommend this movie, as I feel this is a story worth being shared with the world. Aron went through hell and came out on top, saving his own life and being able to go on still doing the things he enjoys. He now has a family, and even though he cut off his hand he still goes out doing the stuff that he did before hand. A big difference that he does now, which he was not doing beforehand, is he lets people know where he’s going to be before leaving.

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