Review: Easter Leonardo

Hey everyone, Easter is coming up this weekend and we got awesome new products in the store for the Holiday.  My focus going towards the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle items.  Most of which will be shared in our video review tomorrow.  Though today we got one very cool item, this is a standing plush Leonardo painting an Easter Egg.

I found this Leonardo doll at Wal-Mart in Gettysburg, PA back in February.  It’s made by Gemmy Industries Corp.  Really cool as it stands, so makes a great display.  He’s got a paint brush as well as an egg.  He’s smiling, so it’s clear he’s not in battle.  Hardest part with this doll is getting him to hold things for a good photo… the painted side of the egg wants to face him and the paint brush just wants to hang by his leg.  Otherwise this is a cool doll.

I know me, I won’t only display him for the Holiday.  As I got a Raphael one that is the same size for Christmas, which I keep up all year long.  He will most likely be with Raph or on the set of Cowabunga Corner when we get ready for film.  Just know that this is one of those things I don’t hide away.  Or at least I try not too.

There is stuff hard in him so he’s not meant to be a child’s plsuh to keep on the bed.  This is meant for standing some where on display.  I do recommend it for TMNT fans, cause it’ll just fit right into a TMNT theme Easter.  Which is what I love!

Have you seen this Leonardo?  Have you got it?  Please share reviews,comments and questions below!

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