Review: Free Comic Book Day 2014 by Babzilla


One of my favorite things about traveling to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles events is meeting fellow TMNT fans.  Sometimes they know who I am, other times they don’t.  We can discuss what we love about TMNT, and how the fandom has touched our lives.  Everyone has a different deep and amazing story behind their passion, which makes our fandom so strong.  On May 3rd this year, I was in Rochester, NH for Free Comic Book Day.  While in line I met a new friend, Babzilla who spent the weekend with us.  Her story touched my heart in why the Turtles mean so much to me, so we spent a lot of time talking.  She shared her review of the day through her blog in the video connected here.

Babz spent a lot of time talking with us.  She has depression because of her illness, which is understandable.  Though with the help of TMNT she has found some strength within, which keeps her moving forward.  From the sounds of it, her illness has held her back often.  Not being able to travel far, and doing stuff a lot of other fans have gotten to do.  Though for the weekend of Free Comic Book Day, the event came to her.  A chance to meet Eastman and Laird, while hanging out with like minded people.

We all enjoyed hanging out with Babz!  Free Comic Book Day was a blast that everyone was able to take part in.  A huge thanks to each of our friends for taking part in making this a day none of us will soon forget!

Were you at the Free Comic Book Day in New Hampshire?  Did you get to meet Babz and hear about her fandom?  If not please do check out her youtube channel!  And please share all reviews, comments and questions below!


Thanks Babz for all the awesome words!  We had a blast hanging out with you at both events!

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