Review: Giant Raphael TMNT 2014

This week the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is coming to theater.  The reviews keep coming as we got the next one of the Giant TMNT toys based on the new 2014 film.  Playmate Toys is really good at making sure there is great things on the market for us Turtle fans, and this is one of those fun items.  Here is the review of the Raphael Giant TMNT 2014 Action Figure.

Much like the smaller Raphael toys for this new movie, this Raphael has the best paint job.  It’s really well done, and I love the red that they got on the toy more than the color I’ve been seeing with the movie images itself.  To see my full reaction to this toy, please check out the video.

The movie is coming up.  So much has been shared.  People have already seen the film.  And the excitement is building.  Please join us on TMNT-L to get some fan gatherings planned across the country. 

Have you picked up the Giant Raphael TMNT 2014 figure?  If so, what is your thoughts on it?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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