Review: Half Shell Heroes Sewer Cruiser, Diver Mike, Leatherhead and Kraang


Michelangelo and Leather is one of the most awesome team ups on the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.  Their friendship is a great inspiration.  So when I wanted to have more than one toy in my review, I could not help but put Leatherhead into one with a Mikey toy.  Here is my review for Playmates Toys Half Shell Heroes Sewer Cruiser with Michelangelo and Kraang and Leatherhead set.

These are two really fun sets.  I love the diver Mikey has he has some cool details and is painted well.  And Leatherhead has a wonderful sculpt.  These are toys I am proud to have in my collection.  Kraang is much like Foot Soldiers in this series… you don’t want only one. These are two great sets that I’m glad I got.

One thing I realized with this set while having my normal action figures next to these little toys is how cool the normal Leatherhead is next to Half Shell Heroes Michelangelo.  So I goofed off later taking photos, showing the Turtles around Leatherhead.  They look the correct size, and what is even more cool is that Leatherhead can hold Donatello by the face! Check out our Instagram and Facebook accounts for action figure photos.

I highly recommend these toys to TMNT fans.  They’re great for display or to play around with.  Playmates Toys did a wonderful job bring character to these little toys.  Good for both children and adult fans.

Do you have the Sewer Cruiser with Diver Mike or the Leatherhead and Kraang Half Shell Heroes set?  If so what are your thoughts on these toys?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!


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