Review: Half Shell Heroes Turtles

Nickelodeon has been sending out a lot of awesome items of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the stores, through many different companies.  One of the companies that I get excited to see new product from is Playmates Toys, as they have been with us since the 1980’s and always have something interesting to throw at us.  One of my favorite things they’re giving us now is the Half Shell Heroes toy line, this is my review of the four Turtles with the smallest rides that you can get in these sets.

Michelangelo with Surfboard Figure, Donatello with Luge Figure, Raphael with Mini Cycle Figure, and Leonardo with Glider Figure are all tiny and fun to play with.  They have their weapons in their hands, a cool ride to get around on.  And can move their heads, arms and legs.  Setting these half size Turtles next to your action figures of Dogpound, Leatherhead, Snakeweed or any of those other over sized mutants finally works with their sizes.  As these short Turtles can now see the bad guys for the giants that they’re drawn to be in the series.  With more characters, rides and playsets to come this is only the beginning of the Half Shell Heroes.

Check out the video for my first reactions these Turtles.  As they are the first four from this series of toys that I open.  Since I filmed this video I’ve looked over the toys more, finding more and more reasons to like them.  Setting them up next to the bad guys is one of my favorite things.  Dogpound towers over them.  Not just the bad guys, though Leatherhead  can hold Donatello by the face!  These toys are totally worth the buy!

I recommend the Half Shell Heroes TMNT toys to any fan, young or old.  They go with the Playmates collection very well and are a lot of fun.  And they are safe for young kids to play with, no small parts that come off of the characters as even their weapons are stuck to their hands.  These toys can work for any age group and truly are a smart buy.

Do you have the Half Shell Heroes Turtles?  What do you think of them?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!


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