Review: IDW Infestation 2 Ishcan

With IDW as the new publishers of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it was not going to be long for them to get a cross over.  Their first cross over comes out on March 7th, in a comic called “Dark Secrets of Infestation 2”.   Personally I do not normally read other comics outside of Ninja Turtles, so I have never read Infestation 1.  Though of course I want to get the issue with the TMNT in it.  Which made me really happy when I learned they came out with an ashcan comic for “Infestation 2,” giving me a chance to learn about this comic.

This ashcan comic starts off with a classified letter explaining the first Infestation. This letter is to the President from the Director of Convert Vampiric Operations, Overmars.  The comic itself is very short, as are most ashcans.

We learn about this thing breaking free from it’s prison, where the walls are made of Time & Space.  Though the things within can call out to those who are strong minded, like Elder Gods.  They reached a man named Howard Phillips Lovecraft, who used what he was hearing in his pulp horror stories.  A group called “Oblivion” took notice to this, as they were out to prevent the Elder Gods from regaining control.  They saw things in his stories that had not been around for ages.

Oblivion hires Professor Emanuel Housellebecq to try and get this under control.  If he couldn’t, he was to kill Lovecraft, which is what Oblivion has always done to handle people who tape into these horrors.  Though it was too late, Lovecraft had a following.  People enjoyed his work and because of this, it brought forth very bad stuff as the thing was able to use the power of dreams to help it escape from the prison.

This infestation spread over different planes of existence.  The comic shows some of these planes including Ninja Turtles and Transformers.  The next four pages is ads for the different Infestation comics coming out with a little hint as to what is to come for each of them.

I personally really like the ashcan.  The art work is good. It’s short and to the point of what we need to know for the upcoming series.  It was a free teaser that people could enjoy and gets us excited about their up coming work.  It has an interesting background story.

My favorite part of the history is that they used a writer to get this out, sharing the stories through his horror fans.  It even showed a convention with fans.  This is the power of media causing something that it never meant to cause, which gives a nice new pull to this comic.

I will only be collecting the two Infestations that are Ninja Turtles.  Once I do pick those up we will post reviews here for everyone.

Did you get the Ashcan and have something to add?   Are you collecting the full set of Infestation?   If you’ll like to share anything you have to say about Infestation, please do comment below.

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