Review: IDW Infestation 2 TMNT

IDW Publishing has been doing a great job at keeping us TMNT fans on the edge of our seats with all these awesome TMNT comics coming out.  We are now also have the crossover with Infestation, something any Horror fan would enjoy seeing being done with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Personally, I have not read the other Infestation comics besides for the Ashcan that came out a few months ago.  So I’m learning what’s going on along with the TMNT in this comic, which for me made this very exciting as I don’t really know what they’re walking in on.  I’m sure those keeping up with Infestation has a different view than what this review will be.  Though this is from the view of a common TMNT fan picking it up for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appearance only.

It’s important to note that this is a new part comic book, so we are left with a cliff hanger.  This is only the review of the first issue of the TMNT crossover.  We will review the second issue when it comes out.  In the meantime, check out this awesome book written by returning TMNT writer Tristan Jones.  Tristan is known by us Turtle fans for the work that he did in the Mirage Tales of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles volume 2 comics.  So it’s great to see him back on board as one of the TMNT writers, and giving us a great story!

The issue’s first few page are to fill us in on what’s going with Earth and why the Turtles are taking notice to it as there’s been people disappearing, strange weather, and mention of creatures appearing. One thing was shot by the police and they’re trying to figure out what it is.  It shows that Don has been studying all these strange things, trying to find where it connects in history with some clues to something that happened in 1929.   Though as he’s going over that stuff, he learns that there is something on the news that Splinter wants him to see.  He comes out as his brothers fill him in that all these strange happenings could lead the police down to the sewers.

This was a great opening for those of us not keeping up with the comics.  Not only does it show why the Turtles are concerned about all of this, it also fills those of us who are not reading the other Infestation comics in on what sort of things are happening.  I like how much this is focusing on Don right away, as a lot of the time it feels like he falls into the background, but with the IDW series he has been a lot more out in the open as one of the main Turtles.  This comic shows that as well.   I also want to note that my favorite line in this comic comes on page two from Michelangelo talking to Donatello about being the nerdiest Turtle.

Donatello goes on to tell his brothers that this area will not be searched from above as they are off the map.  No one knows it’s down there and the only tunnel in would alert them if anyone did start to make their way into this area.  Splinter shows concern, just as the power goes off. Splinter tells the Turtles to get flashlights and check the Generator Room, as he realizes they are not alone.  As the Turtles go to check out the Generator room, sure enough they find some sort of creature which they have to fight.  The brothers work to kill the creature as they find that there are tunnels that not even Don knew about even deeper.

The action, the layout, the script and art this is really working for me.  I love the lighting used to help with the tension of the power being out.  The design of the creature that they killed is well done, and does not look like anything I normally see the turtles fighting.  Really an interesting creature and it was cool seeing Don and Leo work so well at bringing it down.

The Turtles go back and tell Splinter what’s going on.  It is decided they have to go deeper into that tunnel, find out what’s down there and stop anything else from finding their home.  So the mission begins as the Turtles head down as Splinter is going to get rid of the body of the creature that they killed.

This was a two page spread, which worked.  I thought it was funny how Splinter wants to use Michelangelo’s skate board to get rid of the creatures.  Again the art work worked out well, it’s a different style for the Turtles, and works with bringing in that horror story type feeling.

Now the Turtles are exploring deeper into the tunnel as they find some rat like creatures. They explore and find a big thing made of dead bodies.  As they’re going through things, Don finds maps of the tunnels that match up to the old maps that he was looking at from back in Mass at the beginning of the issue.  Then Mike finds dynamite, as it shows someone is down here digging recently.  They hear a noise so it’s time to check out what’s ahead of them.

I like this, as it shows Leo and Don trying to work things out.  Mike being grossed out by what’s going on around them. Really the Turtle taking the back seat during this issue has been Raph, as he’s there but he’s not really bringing himself out as much as the others.  Though that does make a lot of sense with these comics as Raph has not been a part of the group as long as the others.  Don is staying in the foreground taking the lead of this mission, with Leo relying on him and the information he’s found.

Once checking on the noise is when all things break out bad.  They’re attacked by a bunch of those creatures and what’s worse is they’re loosing the fight.  Mike decides to use the dynamite to take out the creatures, but it goes over worse than they were hoping as the brothers are split in the cave-in.  Raph and Mike are buried, Don is split by himself and Leo is still trapped by one of the creatures being held under water...  To be Continued..

What a cliffhanger of an ending!  There was so much action going on that I had to look the pages over a few times to make sure that I was not missing anything.  Overall, this is a great issue.  One has to wonder how they’re going to get out of this problem.  I can not wait to see the next issue and see the Turtles pull through this.

The art work in this comic is done by Mark Torres. He did a really good at keeping the comic to the mood that we’re hoping for, a real Horror type feel.  And Tristan did amazing!  He’s such a great writer and it’s really good to have him back with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

I recommend this comic to any TMNT fan, even if you’re not collecting the other Infestation 2 Comics.   Hopefully the second issue will be out on time, March 21st!

Have you read this comic?  What is your thoughts?  Are you reading the other Infestation 2 comics as well?  Give us your thoughts and reviews in the comment section below!  Remember all email addresses are kept private.  So feel free to join in and share your thoughts!

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