Review: IDW MLP #6


This week IDW released two new comics for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  The on going issue released this time is number six, which is picking up on the story started up in issue 5 last month.  Friendship is Magic is the series that has gotten so widely popular with fans around the world.  Bringing the pony’s to comic fans, with all new stories has been a great way to reach get more adventures out there.  This is the second adventure, as the comics are not stand alone.  The first story line took four issues.  The new story line is following an attack of nightmares.  Here is my review of issue 6 of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”.

In this issue the pony’s get to the moon with Luna and are looking for Rarity who was kidnapped in the last issue. Rarity is trying to resist what the Nightmares want of her.  Though she is not strong enough to do so.  While the other ponies find themselves going through nightmares.  Each one having to wake up from their nightmares, only to find themselves surrounded with some really bad news for their team.

While I do know that we are going against nightmares for the characters as we learned in issue five.  Though it would've been nice if they had a real adventure in this issue and save the next set of nightmares for the following issue.  As I felt like we just went through this, in the last issue they had their nightmares.  Still the book is a fun read and they get each of the personalities right with things that would cause them nightmares.

Since this is only part two of this story arch I will hold judgement on the full arch until it’s done.  I am enjoying the comic still and will keep reading.  There is one thing about this comic though that surprises me.  I know a few Brony’s in my area, and not one of them have the comic nor have they really read it.  So I’m curious what Brony’s are thinking of this series.  If you’re deep into the fandom, please do leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on the IDW MLP Comics.

Of course the normal shout out that is given to everyone, if you’ve read MLP Friendship is Magic #6 please feel free to let us know what you think of it!  All reviews, comments and questions are welcomed below!

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Although i consider myself a Brony, I'm more a Turtles Fan. I love the comics so far & have been reading them ever since i was able to buy issue #1. Have you gotten to read Rarity's issue yet? Also, have you heard of &/or read Gold Digger by Fred Perry?