Review: IDW MLP Micro Series "Fluttershy"

Living would be easy if people did not care what others thought of them. For some people it’s easy to dismiss the thoughts and cares of those around them, but for others they want nothing more than to be accepted by everyone. When I was a kid I wanted everyone around to like me. I asked who ever I would meet, if they would be my friend. Through years of being hurt and betrayed I stopped caring so much what other people thought of me, and went on enjoying life. I am now known for being different. Some people frown upon me, while those who know me personally agree with the way I live. I have many friends who still care a lot what others think of them, and that reminds me of the newest issue of IDW My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic. It’s in their Micro Series, and is all about Fluttershy.

In this issue Fluttershy sees there’s an art contest. She reveals to her bunny that she loves to do art, but keeps it all hidden in a secret room as she is too scared what others would think of her if they only knew. Though she wants to enter the contest. She decides to hide in a costume and enters her piece into the contest. She has a few things to face in her time at the contest, including a rude art critic. Her biggest challenge comes when one of her friends realizes who she is and pulls away her costume. Can Fluttershy deal with this pressure and other ponies reactions to her art work?

At one time in my life I really felt like I matched up to this. It’s hard, you want everyone to like everything you can do. And fear that something you enjoy doing may not be cool to those around you, so you hide it. When true friends will accept you no matter what your hobbies are. They will back you. And if you have talent they may even be excited about it. Having to hide what you enjoy from others, is never fun and can be hard on you. Once I realized that real friends will accept you for who you are, and not to worry about what others thought of me life got easier.

I think this is a great issue because it helps teach people to let their talents shine, even if they’re shy. It’s a good way of showing Fluttershy, as every fan knows she’s shy. This is totally in character for her. It helps young fans realize that they should not hide what they enjoy. And will hopefully inspire some to try and share with their friends. Being shy is not easy on people, so encouragement from children heroes is a good way to help people through it.

I found this issue enjoyable for both art and story. Each character was full with their personalities from the cartoon series. Written by Barbara Randall KeSel with art from Tony Fleecs. Their team work really brought this comic to life.

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