Review: IDW MLP:FIM Micro Series "Pinkie Pie"

Inspiration comes from everywhere from art, plants, smells and people.  Once someone finds something that inspires them, it's hard to let go of it.  One of the hardest things to face is knowing that not only is that inspiration disappearing but it does not really wish to disappear.  It's depressing on all angels.  But you can not force those things to keep going forward if the path they're on, no longer works for them.  This is what Pinkie Pie faces in the newest Micro Series issues of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  Here is my review of Pinkie Pie's issue.

Pinkie enters a contest and wins tickets to see her favorite clown of all time.  Though once she gets there she learns that her heroe is old and retiring.   He is depressed about this, though his body can not keep up with all of the work that it requires to be a clown.  Pinkie Pie is upset about this, she does not want him depressed and most of all she does not want him to just disappear.  She tries to convince him not to retire.

This is an issue of MLP I can understand to a point.  It's sad when you see people retire from entertainment, knowing how much good they did while in the business.  You want others to be able to see them and get inspired as you were.  Though I have personally seen some great actors pushing it pass the point of retirement.  In need of money or just wanting to get back out there.  It gets hard on the fans to see these wonderful people on oxygen machines, not able to walk, blind or worse.  These greats brought us wonderful times in our lives and while it's neat to say that we have met them, it's even better to say that they were able to retire and relax when things got to much for them.

An example of this that stands out to me is when I met James Doohan, he was a guest at Motor City Comic Con.  He seemed very happy and polite to meet anyone who went up to see him.  Though his health was poor, he looked sick, and it seemed force that he was there.  I learned he was doing the conventions for money for his family.  If anything I wish that there was away of raising the money, where he could of been relaxing with those he loved during these hard times in his life instead of working.  So I do think that those we admire do get to a point where they earn a life out of the spot light to where they can just enjoy life.

Pinkie Pie does do something that will change the life of her idle, which is really amazing.  Of course her situation is different from what was going on when I saw James.  Her idle is healthy, just getting older and can not do as much as he use to do.  So he is able to take some advice from her.  Of course to find out what Pinkie Pie comes up with for this clown, just go and pick up this awesome comic from IDW.

This is another favorite issue of IDW My Little Pony comics.  So far I am finding that I really like most of the Micro series.  The only Micro series issue that I did not really care for was the Rainbow Dash issue.  Written by Ted Anderson with art by Ben Bates.  I recommend this issue for anyone who has ever met someone who inspired them and wish they could do something to help them through a situation.

Have you read My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic Micro Series "Pinkie Pie"? If so what is your thoughts? Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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I had a similar experience with Robert Axelrod (who voiced Lord Zedd in Power Rangers) when he visited CyPhaCon in Lake Charles, LA. He was hunched over with a can & looked like he was in his 90's, but he was only in his 60's. It is hard to see people that you admire being in a bad situation.