Review: IDW Nick TMNT #1

With all the hints of the new IDW Nickelodeon TMNT Comic that has been coming out we finally get to see the first issue in our hands. Before this we got the Nickelodeon Rise of the Turtles story which was clips from the cartoon and on Free Comic Book day we got an awesome short comic.  Now we get to see the IDW TMNT Comics that will lead off onto their own adventures.  Will they tie in with the cartoon or will they become like what was done to the Archie Comics?  Only time will tell.  Personally, I hope they take their own road.  Here is my review for the start of a new comic series.

This issue starts off with April being sneaky and remembering her lessons on how to be sneaky.  Though she is not good enough as before she can reach her goal she’s been found and peg with a training arrow.  Michelangelo found her, though she almost made it all the way across the lair without being seen. 

This gives us a good feel of what’s going on in the series when this comic picks up.  April is already living with the guys and training under Splinter.  Of course for those of us who keep up with the cartoon this is great, but what about people who pick up the comic for the first time?  They did not see the TCRI episode to know why April is hiding and living with the Turtles.  Taking a small risk of having people feeling lost, but nothing that will hurt the comic itself.

Donatello is talking with April as she expresses that she’s tired of being down here.  Instead of finding her dad.  So Donatello offers to take her onto a mission with him.  He wants to take her to a junkyard so he can collect some pieces for his machines.  Leonardo protests this mission, saying she’s not ready.  Donatello does not agree.  April wants this chance so she goes with Don ignoring Leo. 

I like this interaction here.  Raphael and Michelangelo get to pick on Donatello about taking April to a junkyard for a date. Leonardo gets to be the over concerned leader.  April stands her ground and doesn’t just do as told this time.  I also like Mikey’s jokes.  It’s a well rounded area in the comic that we can see their personalities and the new art style for them.  My favorite art in here is when Mikey is saying “ooh burnt!”.  The writer is Kenny Byerly with art from Dario Brizuela. 

Donatello takes April to the junkyard and is surprised she’s wearing a wig.  They get into the junkyard as Donatello leads her to what he’s after.  To his surprise there was a guard on the grounds.  Don realizes this and says it’s time to get out of there.  As Don escapes, April is caught by the guards.  Don calls and reports this to Leonardo.

What I do like about this is that we learned of Donatello going to the junkyard in “I think his name is Baxter Stockman”.  Here we see Donatello going there and just where he gets his favorite toys.  There is a big question left here that I wonder if will be explained in future issues of Nick TMNT.  Why did they up the security at the Junkyard?  I do hope that it comes up in the comics at some point.

Inside April is being questioned as she uses the name January.  She’s tried saying she was just a kid who came in because she was dared.  This lie does not work as they found Ninja Weapons on her and the T Phone.  She tries to lie about the weapons as she hopes that Donatello is working on a plan to save her.

It is cool to see April being able to relax and not breaking at all in trying to tell the truth.  She is going along with what she needs to do to stall and find her way out of a bad spot.  It is weird seeing her with this dark hair. 

The Turtles join Donatello.  Leonardo realizes how serious this is.  If the army sees them they’re going to want to know more about the Turtles.  Michelangelo jokes that they would have to read his blog.  This angers the other Turtles, as Mike explains it’s just a blog about TV shows.  Their conversation gets them noticed by the guards outside.  The Turtles get on the defense and work to say hidden, using a car in the junkyard for a distraction.  They were a bit surprised to see it blow up. 

Okay, I just LOVE the idea of Michelangelo having a blog about tv shows.  I can totally see him doing that in his free time.  It’s a great outlet where he can reach out to the world with his thoughts and no one knowing who he is.  It reminds me of Michaelangelo having the Pirate Radio show in the Next Mutation Series.  A way of being in entertainment, without being too famous.  I also enjoy how serious the Turtles are being about the army not seeing them.  Knowing this is a high risk mission they are on.

Back with April a report comes in about the action outside.  As they get after April about being under attack she asks to use her phone.  Refusing to let her use the T-Phone he puts it in his pocket.  At this point April realizes she’s gotta do a big lie to try and get out of here.  She tells them that she is spy saying that she is after the same device that Donatello wanted when they got into the junkyard.  This gets them to order high security around that device clearing the way for the Turtles to get inside to try and find and save April.

I am impressed with the clever idea that April through in there.  Over all she’s doing well with a wig, new name and lies.  Though will her luck come through for her?  She’s still in the middle of this base with two guards in her room.  The Turtles need to make their way through there to try and get to her.  Hard enough they are going through a building with Government people, they run out of smoke bombs along the way. 

This is a fun issue which has earned some respect right away towards the character of April.  I love how much work they put into this issue.  The tight spots the Turtles face.  And I really enjoy the fact that Mikey has his own blog.  I would love to see more on the blog and wonder if it will appear in the TV series.  For a first issue they did a great job at getting me excited with the series.  From the writing to the art.  And all the cool covers coming out including one from Ciro Nieli and another from Kevin Eastman.  Once again IDW delivers something great for the TMNT fandom.

Have you picked up IDW Nickelodeon TMNT #1?  What is your thoughts on it?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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It would be interesting to see an episode in the future deal with something like that! We've seen that Mikey is active online before, so it seems like a definite possibility!

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I really want to buy this comic! I'm gonna go looking for it at my Barnes and Noble tommorow. Wish me luck! Anyway, I think these comics are a great way to entertain ourselves while there isn't a new episode, don't you think?