Review: IDW Nick TMNT FCBD 2013

In December 2012 we uploaded an interview with Dario Brizuela for his work on the new IDW Nickelodeon TMNT Comic Book. This new comic has been long awaited. Our first real tease was the book released of “Rise of the Turtles” which was filled with screen caps from the animated series. Personally I was disappointed with that take on doing a comic of the Turtles. Though free comic book day brought out our hope of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles New Animated Adventures by IDW. This awesome comic is a whole new adventure of the Nickelodeon TMNT Here is my review of this new adventure.

This issue starts off with Michelangelo at the top of a stack of stuff he seemed to have built up... including a fridge. His brothers are watching him as he shows a new trick doing flips, while doing some swings with his chucks and landing. His brothers are not impressed as Mike tries to defend himself about his eyes being closed. Leonardo goes on to say it was Good effort, though when Leo says But, Splinter jumps in saying that it was impressive. Though when Raph opens his trap, Splinter decides to teach the Turtles to respect the work that each other puts into their own weapons by having the Turtles trade off weapons. He does a training lesson with the four of them taking them down fast. He decides they still need to learn, and orders them to keep this weapon exchange for the rest of the night. Or they could stay home and clean.

This scene is our firsts look at the artwork and writing style of the IDW version of the Nickelodeon TMNT series. Somehow for me they got the Turtles feeling even more cartoony than the show has. It is not as close to the artwork you see in the cartoon, as I saw when Dario had a sample of his work at New York Comic Con. The writing does seem a bit like the Nickelodeon show, they got the characters in character. I would've loved to have heard what Leo was going to say before Splinter jumped in. Just what was Leo going to say to Mikey.

Once out of the lair the Turtles are going around with their brother’s weapons strapped to their belts. They spot some Purple Dragons and decide to attack them. Still not use to the weapons the Turtles fight the Purple Dragons and win. After the fight the Turtles find a device that kills alarm system. When questioning where the Purple Dragons got this, they find their answer is Baxter Stockman.

It seems weird to think that the Turtles would be that bad with the weapons since they do fight against the others often they should have an idea of how to use them better. They make it through that fight using their feet and fist. True they’re young and learning still. We don’t really get to see Donatello and Michelangelo using the weapons on the Purple Dragons. We see Don in one background shot against Fong. It’s a fun action scene, though felt it was just here to show us how little the Turtles know the other weapons.

The Turtles find out about Baxter from four robots that look a lot like the designs of the Stockman pod with a TV that has Baxter’s face in the chest. Baxter says the Purple Dragons were stealing from him and he was there to set it right. Even told the Turtles that they could leave. Though the Turtles decide to stay and fight, trading back to their normal weapons. As the turtles fight, Baxter’s new bots they are matched by these machines. Baxter explains how these things have been programed to handle Ninjas.

Not sure how I feel here. It just seems a little convenient that Stockman could use Martial Art resources to program these robots to win against real Martial Artist who breathe, eat and think in training most of their life. The Turtles are losing against these robots.

To go on anymore would spoil the rest of the main fight here. This is a short comic book after all. Really it felt rushed to make it this short. A nice way to introduce that the new Nickelodeon TMNT Comics are coming. Though the story in it did not hold me to much. I do have a good feeling that the series itself will get a story worth reading as we know that the folks at IDW are known for dishing out some great stuff.

The artwork in the book is good. There’s a few times I wish that they got the gap in Donny’s teeth when his mouth was opened and just colored white. I really do like the feel of the Nickelodeon series being transferred into the comic and seeing these characters outside of their CGI looks.

One thing I would’ve loved to have seen in this comic was the other Turtles forced to do the same stunt Mikey did with the chucks blindfolded. I think that could’ve been a great closing to the comic watching his brothers get thrown off balance by swinging the chucks. A great way to show just how impressive Mikey’s trick really was.

I hope that these comics do get reprinted at some time in a graphic novel or something. The reason I say that is I heard many people did not get the TMNT Comic on Free Comic Book day. This was a comic that was running out in different locations all over. Which means those of us who did get the comic are lucky. Hopefully it will reach out to the other fans as well. Just know if you did not read this comic, it does not feel as if this will affect the beginning of the new series as well. This is just a taste of what’s to come. Which seems to be some fun ninja actions, bad guys to get beaten, and lessons from Splinter.

Do you have the IDW Nickelodeon TMNT Free Comic Book Day comic? If so what are your thoughts on the comic? Was your local comic shop busy? Please share your reviews, comments and questions below.

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