Review: IDW TMNT #17

When the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon was cancelled, a lot of great characters disappeared from the different worlds of TMNT.  Mirage, Image, The Next Mutation, 4Kids, and even the movie has not picked up these characters.  As they laid in the past, seeming to be forgotten.  Though when Viacom bought up the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle property back in 2009, none of us realized just how many of these lost characters would make their returns in one universe or another.  The IDW TMNT Comics has been dropping characters on us left right and center, as seen on the cover of issue 17 of the on going Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series as we see Zack, Dask and Kala fighting the Turtles!  The three Neutrinos that we knew best in the original cartoon.  This cover alone, made me want to dive into the comic.  So here is my review of IDW TMNT #17!

The comic starts off on Planet Neutrino which is in grave danger as Krang’s army is on the attack.  Ten days of non-stop attacks.  Both teams taking major hits.  On the third page we see a King, with what seems to be his family and what looks to be a guard.  As we hear him call the guard, Commander Dask.  The King, Zenter, sends Dask and his Commando Team to find Professor Honeycutt.  Believing that he may be their last hope.

I enjoyed these first few pages as they took off of that bit where Krang made his speech in IDW TMNT #16.  Showing that he’s a man of his word when he says he’s going to war, he’s going to really tear the place apart.  And seeing Dask got me so excited.  This was a great beginning to bringing us into their next adventure.

In New York things seem ok as April and Donatello are working as a team to get the place fixed up.  Excited to have things almost ready and working.  Splinter sees things differently, he sees how wounds have hurt the family.  He wants to bring his family back together again.  Looking across seeing each of his boys, down for their own reasons.  Michelangelo reading his note from Woody, Raph working out and Leonardo off by himself.  Deciding to try and work with the family again, Splinter calls a family meeting.  Just as Casey arrives with dinner.  Mikey asks him about Woody though sadly there was no note or anything.  Just the pizza.  Splinter then starts his talk about the broken family and how they need to take their lessons and move forward.  April speaks up, that she knows where to start.

I love the way that Splinter is looking out for his family.  We get to see how each of the Turtles are dealing with what is going on in their lives.  Donatello and Raphael seem to have it the easiest while Michelangelo is going through the lost of his friend and Leonardo is beating himself up for what happened with Slash.  With this Splinter realizes it’s time to change focus and bring them together as a team again.  It was also funny that Casey picked on them for having so many family meetings.  A great piece in the story showing them pushing forward.

On Planet Neutrino the war is still going as we see a Captain Tragg with Krang and Baxter Stockman watching a major city burning down.  We learn that humans have a harder time adjusting after going through the interdimensional portal. Krang takes this time to tell show Baxter the kind of damage he could cause to set fear into him.  Baxter does not seem scared, though takes this time to point out that Krang is asking the impossible of him.  This is where Krang reveals that he realizes this and is trying to find the Fugitoid, he believes that the Neutrinos are hiding him.  Once done with their chat, it was time to go back through the interdimensional portal and return to work.

Once again, a nice step moving forward.  Showing Krang gloating about how well he does at what he does.  And Baxter learning more information about the mess that he’s in.  I love it that Tragg was the Rock Soldier with them.  And I found it interesting that humans get sick from the interdimensional portal.  We also learn that the Fugitoid is still a prime target for Krang.  A lot of information put into these two pages.

Shredder and Karai are sitting for a meal, as Saki asks Karai about the search for Leonardo.  Karai gives her answer, showing that she is on top of things.  During her talk on why this is taking some time, she slips up and calls them their enemies.  Saki corrects her about Leonardo being his choice for second in command.  Karai shows she is not happy with this choice.  Saki does realize this, making mention of her displeasure as well as his approval of her strategy.  Karai assures him that she has things in order on getting more of the alien ooze component needed for the Foot.  She assures him that she will handle it personally.

I love these scenes between Saki and Karai, it shows that Tom has put a lot into what their relationship is going to be.  Though I do have to say that at this point I miss Andy Kuhn’s humans.  While I’m enjoying the younger feel for the turtles in this issue, I truly did like how Andy drew Karai for the series.  He was really good with his humans.  Other than that I enjoy seeing that the Foot is still in the picture, even though they have not fought the turtles for a few issues now.

In the park at night, April has got Chet out to talk.  She asked him out with him under the impression that it was for coffee and to get know a fellow coworker better.  Saying how she realizes that she’s interned for Stockman for a long time and barely knows the people she works with.  Chet is unsure of the talk and gets more unsure as April pushes in other areas, the secret areas.  While the Casey and the turtles watch from not too far away incase anything goes wrong.  Casey does not like Chet and finds him weird, as Leo tries to encourage them to keep it down.  While April keeps Chet attention with her nosey questioning of what is going on at the lab.  Mike does take note that she’s got some acting skills.  She gets Chet to admit that there’s Dangers to be avoided about the truth.  Chet knows that this is big information and does not want her hurt.

I really do like this scene, it shows April doing her best to help the team.  Pushing at a person she knows will have answers that she’s got a feel for while working around him.  She’s poking and showing she’s already realized the trouble and admitting to the danger her life already got into while on the job.   I will say I gotta get use to this new art for April, when she was first on the bench here, I had to read to make sure it was April as I did question it at first. When we saw her at the beginning of this issue with Donatello she had more of an April look to her, I think it’s the hair down that threw me.

In mid talk with of April and Chet a blue light appears, bringing forth Dask, Zack and Kala!  As Dask tells Chet, it’s time to go home.   Seeing the weapons Casey and the Turtles leap into action.  If you want to know how this fight turns out go pick up this issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

I really enjoyed this issue.  And while this is running at the same time as the new cartoon, I’m finding one of the things I enjoy most is how many old characters they’re using here.  While the Nickelodeon series is great, we’re see the Turtles face new or changed characters.  In this comic book series Krang is still with Dimension X, fighting Neutrinos.  Shredder is running the foot with Karai working for him.  The Turtles, Splinter, April and Casey are a team.  Baxter has his ego and labs, even his mousers.  These characters have a huge background change, and some personality changes.  But the comic over all gives me that kickback to what I love about the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while keeping it fresh.  And this issue was a clear reminder of that.  As I was just so excited to be seeing Dask, Zack and Kala.  I don’t think I even realized how much I missed them.   This story is just getting better with every issue!

Welcome to the team Ben Bates!  I enjoy your art for the Turtles and Splinter, and know I can get use to anything that I’m not use too here.  As the styles of these characters have changed many times.  I hope that you’re around for awhile with the comics.  At times some of your art reminds me of the old Archie style for the turtles, which was my favorite comics back in the 90’s.   And you’ve got a great team to be working with as Tom and Kevin has been giving us great stories, with Bobby keeping everything in line.

Have you read this issue of TMNT by IDW?  If so what are your thoughts?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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